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Becoming a TA

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lifeisaboutcreatingyourself Mon 04-Jun-18 02:09:17

Advice on becoming a TA

I'm currently working as a care assistant supporting adults with learning disabilities and have volunteered at a SEN school- only for 4 weeks as my work rota kept changing and I was struggling to get myself to and from the school as I live in the country side and don't drive.

I am hoping to move back to a city at the end of summer and pursue as career as a TA but I don't have any teaching qualifications.

I hold a degree in filmmaking (pointless I know) and have had spent a little time in a school.

Will my experience as a care assistant be enough?

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StrumpersPlunkett Mon 04-Jun-18 18:06:13

We have a lot of temp ta’s at our school it may be worth temping for a while to see whether it is for you.
I am a TA and I love it but it is v v different to anything else I had done before.
I would say being a carer is probably a good foundation for patience level. 😂

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