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Can you teach empathy?

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TheletterZ Sat 19-May-18 10:29:50

During my PSHE lesson, incidentally on LGBT+, I had a mix of responses about how to support a friend struggling with this. Some great ones, talk to a counsellor, call child line, be happy with your differences as being unquie is what makes people wonder (love this child) but some just didn't get it.

Just made me wonder, can empathy be taught? Or are we just giving them the tools to go through the motions and be socially acceptable without fully getting why.

(I know students with autism can struggle with this but I was thinking of those who aren't)

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NiamhFromAcrossTheRoad Sat 19-May-18 10:32:05

I think that developing empathy is a very long process (and tbh, a lot comes from the home).

I know my views have absolutely changed from what they were as a teenager. Life experience and maturity contributes a lot, as does going out into the world.

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