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Observation day

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madhatter31 Mon 14-May-18 16:40:16

Hello, I am looking for any advice or tips for me regarding two days of observation in a secondary school. I am looking to start science teacher training in 2019 and this is just an initial look around but I would like to impress the school. What can I do ?

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noblegiraffe Mon 14-May-18 20:07:33

Why do you want to impress the school? Just be pleasant, non-judgemental and unobtrusive. Ask questions about workload, how much time they spend working in the holidays and outside school hours, behaviour, anything else that may be worrying you.

madhatter31 Mon 14-May-18 22:12:17

I want to be a teacher so much I would just like it to go ok and get the best out of it. Thank you for your advice.

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