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Has anyone done a PGDE at Moray House recently?

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BebeBelge Fri 11-May-18 14:34:47


I will be starting a PGDE (primary) at Moray House in Edinburgh in August and I'm stressing over lots of probably silly little things!

But one big thing is where my placements will be. I have 3 small kids and I was wondering if personal preference for placement location (ie. Local authority) would be considered or is it really pot luck?

I would love to hear any first hand experiences/top tips for surviving the year with a family to juggle!

Thanks in advance!

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Pinkguitar3 Fri 11-May-18 15:45:04

Following with interest!

I am doing a PGDE (secondary) at Moray house starting in August and have young kids too. I was definitely given the impression that placements were (as far as is possible) allocated taking into consideration what would be more suitable for the student. During the interviews, both myself and another applicant mentioned placements and it sounded like they try to accomodate you when they could. I will be commuting a fair distance to Edinburgh and would ideally like placements nearer home.

I'm not sure if primary is similar as there are probably a lot more students to place, but a lot more schools too. Try not to worry!

CleanNails Sat 12-May-18 09:55:22

This might not be the case any more, but a few years ago it was GTCS who were organising placements.

It seemed to be that people who had offers early were given placements nearer their house.

However, they didn't seem to take public transport into consideration- I was placed at a school which was only 3 miles as the crow flies, but an hour on public transport because of the way bus routes worked.

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