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Help me become a primary teacher!

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PoptartPoptart Thu 10-May-18 18:10:23

I’ve been a TA (juniors) for 7 years and have finally decided to become a teacher.
I have GCSE’s and A-levels and a Level 3 NVQ in Teaching & Learning in Schools.
Obviously I need to get a degree.
I have been looking at doing a degree in Primary teaching with QTS, which will take me 4 years (part time) It’s one day a week at uni and I would do the coursework in the evenings/at weekends.
I don’t want to do a full time course as I need to work at the same time (to earn money but also I love my job and don’t want to not be in the classroom).
Is this my quickest route into teaching?
Is the Primary teaching degree with QTS the best way in, or is there another degree I can do, followed by a PGCE, and would that be quicker?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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BringOnTheScience Thu 10-May-18 21:16:02

With your TA experience and NVQ L3 would a degree then Schools Direct (or similar) be possible for you? It'd still take a while but it's faster to earning than tagging on a PGCE.

crazycatgal Mon 21-May-18 23:41:35

You don't have to do a PGCE if you do a degree in Primary Teaching with QTS so this will be the quickest route for you.

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