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strawberryalarmclock Thu 03-May-18 18:36:51

So I'm a level 3 ta, hope I'm ok posting on here!
Just asking for opinions and maybe an insight into what's 'normal' in other schools.
I work in early years, very experienced, so any observations are for continuous professional development, rather than the type you may have as a newer member of staff.
Previously I would have 1 a year, normally during a phonics lesson in which I would have my own group. I have obviously been observed many times over the years, as I have worked with a variety of teachers, some nqts, who have a lot of observations but have only normally had one personal one a year.
Well..... I have 3 this month, have already had one this year and I'm wondering if this is 'fair'
I'm fairly calm and also confident in my abilities, so generally quite unfazed by being observed but I obviously have my limits!!
My dh finds it ludicrous that someone on £14k a year, is subjected to such scrutiny and put under such immense pressure and when put like this, well, I can see his point!
Any input much appreciated, thanks

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Apple23 Thu 03-May-18 20:12:09

What category is your school in? Are you pre-Ofsted? This can make a difference.

To be observed whenever the class teacher is observed as part of their observation,
plus an annual observation for your own Performance Management,
plus observations when teaching whatever is the current "new thing" in school,
plus outside agencies visiting to observe a child, Ofsted, Mocksted, learning walks and pop-ins...

Sometimes you'd make more money selling tickets for the show than for doing the job you're paid for...

cassgate Thu 03-May-18 21:26:36

Level 3 ta here. I have been observed a total of 6 times this year. 3 times were by our senco as she was assessing quality of targeted interventions, once by deputy head who observed me as part of my classroom role and the other 2 were as part of the teachers lesson observations.

strawberryalarmclock Thu 03-May-18 22:10:01

Maybe I've got off lightly until now!
One of my observations is a whole class carpet session, including morning registration/routines and then psed circle time. I will have no other support as my teacher is out all morning. Very normal for me, I do an awful lot of cover but I've never been observed in this way. I'm mostly unfazed but do question how much pressure we are now put under for such a tiny salary!

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