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Feeling torn

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Chocolala Thu 03-May-18 18:08:01

I’d go to the interview and check it out. Worst case is that you realise the job doesn’t suit you and so don’t move. Best case is that your son would thrive there and it turns out to be a fantastic move for you too.

Do t try and guess the outcome without exploring the option first smile

Heartshapedfairylights Thu 03-May-18 18:01:53

I work in a wonderful school at the moment. It’s five minutes drive from my house and my son is starting in September. By all accounts I am very happy.

However, my younger son a specific learning need. It is causing him substantial problems at school and his mental health is suffering. He has been referred to Camhs.

I saw a school advertising a job in my subject. The school is fee paying but a specialist in his area of need. So, I applied in a bit of a knee jerk reaction.

The school is 45 minutes drive away but it would be perfect for my son’s needs. That is of course if he could a) get in b)we could get a bursary. I couldn’t afford the fees even with a discount. Another factor is the job is 0.6 and i’m 0.8 at the moment.

Anyway, it’s been over two weeks since I sent my application and had assumed I wasn’t successful. Low and behold, an invitation to interview dropped into my inbox today.

I feel so torn. Part of me thinks it’s mad to leave my lovely school the part of me feels like I have to look at this ‘potential’ opportunity for my poor boy.

Any thoughts from you lovely people? My DH isn’t much help. He thinks i’m mad to even look elsewhere.

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