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elisaveta Fri 27-Apr-18 03:40:05

for doing the hardest, most important job, and for battling on when the government makes it so hard. You are fabulous. And you make such a difference - more than you know. I'm 50 and there are two teachers I think about every single day. They don't know that I do, as I'd be a bit embarrassed to tell them. But they inspired me, and were fantastic role models, and if they hadn't been in my life, things would have been much harder. So many of you will have ex pupils like that, so on behalf of us all - thank you. You helped so much and we will never forget that.

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BlessYourCottonSocks Fri 27-Apr-18 19:03:14

What a fabulous thing to say. Thank you so much; just what I needed after a long, long week. I'm glad someone helped you. flowers

yawning801 Fri 27-Apr-18 19:07:56

I second this. Thank you for holding on to the pupils and continuing to help them even when you're stressed to almost breaking point.

LyndaLaHughes Fri 27-Apr-18 19:13:34

How lovely. Thank you so for posting this. As for those teachers, if you have any way of contacting them I'd send letters. I cannot tell you enough how receiving such appreciative letters is an absolute joy and makes it all worthwhile.

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