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0.8 or 0.6 or full time?

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Firstnameterms Mon 23-Apr-18 17:37:16

I currently do 0.4 secondary teaching spread through 5days and mixed in with other things.
They want me to do more teaching next year. At the moment I teach one or two hours a day with an hour a week PPA.
What does 0.6 look like? What does 0.8? Anyone any thoughts? I don’t want to say 0.8 then discover I am doing the same hours! I am reluctant to do full time but if I will be doing similar to 0.8 then I may as well...any part timers have thoughts?

Cynderella Mon 23-Apr-18 18:37:55

I've tried part-time, but prefer full-time. I felt out of the loop full-time and seemed to spend a lot of days off working. I always had whole days off. If I was going to be in school over five days, I would want to be paid for five days.

0.4 or 0.6 is easy - I rarely worked weekends. 0.8 is like full-time on less money!

user2929 Mon 23-Apr-18 19:25:31

I'm 0.6 Monday - Wednesday but I get 3.5 hrs PPA (private school). Four day weekends are awesome!

ShackUp Mon 23-Apr-18 19:37:21

I do 0.7, 3 x 3 period mornings per week and 2 x 2 full days.

I'm thinking of going up to 0.8 and having a long weekend, tbh, I still end up running around like a blue arsed fly so I might as well be at work (2 DC).

phlebasconsidered Mon 23-Apr-18 19:45:54

I do 0.8 now, 0.85 every other week. I was 0.6. Then, I had a jobshare and the load was shared. Now I do everything and additionally plan and mark my time "off" as its done by a hlta.

I still can't go ft though. My time off is spent planning everything and doing the data. I basically have that day off so I can see my kids on a weekend and not pay so much childcare. It works for me but ideally of course, we'd all have a work life balance without having to take an hours/pay/pension cut.

Flaskfan Mon 23-Apr-18 19:54:21

I'm with Phlebas(Banks or Eliot, btw?!) Although I've kind of crept back to .9 and got used to the money. I prefer not to have the day off, but have extra breathibg room during the week.

Firstnameterms Mon 23-Apr-18 21:50:11

Hmmm lots to consider! My daughter will be in childcare 5days whatever happens as I have a mix of family and free hours.
At the moment my teaching is spread through 5 days as I am also a support staff member so I just mix it with that (I’m fully qualified but stepped down for a breather from Primary teaching). I am enjoying high school teaching far more than primary and the work load is not as insane...I think the dream would be to do 0.8 and have a day off as breathing space. I don’t want to waste time planning for cover though on my day off...I guess that is the question to ask them! They are keen for me to increase my hours but, having been massively burnt by primary school, I am pretty terrified and am determined to nail down specifics!

Firstnameterms Mon 23-Apr-18 21:52:21

How many hours off do you get on 0.8? The full time staff seem to get 4 free lessons (75min lessons) so 5hrs a week off. Would 0.8 be about 4hours/3 lessons then? God I find it confusing!

Flaskfan Tue 24-Apr-18 21:59:19

People in my place get day off a week on .8. 5 unpaid hours a week, basically.

Iggiattheend Wed 25-Apr-18 23:43:12

Each day is 0.2 of a full time post, assuming you have five equal length school days. So .6 is three days - or could be spread out over more days you'd need to double check. .8 is four days.
However much non cntact time a full time member is entitled to get, you'd then get that time x by .6 (or .8 etc)
You should not be doing any cover work for day off. That would be like a full time teacher planning work for Saturdays.

qumquat Thu 26-Apr-18 19:25:32

I'd hate to be part time spread over 5 days. I do 0.8 with Fridays off and I love it. I'm still in the loop in school but I get a 3 day weekend and an extra day with DD. I do more than 0.8 of the work but I'm sure that's true of any part time split.

Firstnameterms Thu 26-Apr-18 20:24:31

Ive been told that if they do it over 4days I would not need to plan or mark the Friday lessons...need to get my negotiating hat on I think!

user2929 Fri 27-Apr-18 07:20:52

I use to be 0.7 over five days - hideous. I left after 1.5 terms.

I'm now 0.6 as three full days. I have a four day weekend it's brilliant. I'm not responsible for any planning or marking on my non working days.

tomhazard Fri 04-May-18 08:27:55

0.8 and is the worst decision I ever made. I did 5 days Work for 4 days money. I now 0.6 which feels like actual part time. In September I'm going full time but would never work 0.8 again

Firstnameterms Fri 04-May-18 10:50:14

Thanks all, I have spoken with the head. 0.8 for my school can be done over 4 days and no planning etc for day off. It is 3periods a day out of 4 and one 4/4 day. That seems ok to me!

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