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Returning after Maternity.

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MyOtherUserNameIsAUnicorn Mon 23-Apr-18 09:55:39

Mostly, can anyone help me out with ideas/inspiration "you-can-do-it" type things.

I'm Assistant Head with responsibility for English. No small job. DS will be 7 months when I go back. Nursery for 3 days home with my partner on 2. I've got no option to go part time and honestly I don't want to.

Just want to know it's doable! I love my school and they are super-supportive smile

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lozengeoflove Sat 28-Apr-18 23:05:07

Hi OP. I went back both times when DCs were 8 months old. First time into full time Lead Teacher on English role and second time into the same role but 0.6.
Full time was exhausting but manageable. Weeks raced by and I honestly couldn't believe how quickly the end of year arrived.

Second time was much easier in terms of work/life balance, but saying that I'm pretty certain I could go back to FT and still be ok. However, I'm not SLT so not as much pressure.

Good luck. Hope all works out well.

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