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CognitiveDissonance Sun 22-Apr-18 13:49:41

That's frustrating if it was something you actually found useful! Can't beat pen and paper I know but it Planbook does seem really cool. I've found another one that is also American (Teacherplanbook I think?) that might be slightly better as it integrates with google drive

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Cynderella Sun 22-Apr-18 11:38:49

I've used it and found it really good. You can add video clips, powerpoints, documents etc and it has reminders too. My problem with it is that my school blocks it every time they upgrade anything and have to manually unblock it. The hassle made me go back to pen and paper. Excellent considering it's free.

CognitiveDissonance Sun 22-Apr-18 09:03:39

I was recently introduced to an Online Lesson Planner website (Planbook) and I'mconsidering signing up to it. However, it is very american from what I can tell (common core, semesters etc etc) which is fine for my current school setting as I'm teaching internationally but in September I'll be starting a new job back in the UK
Do any of you use online lesson planners and have any recommendations?

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