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Can’t get sorted

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callies Tue 17-Apr-18 10:06:09

Everything is in chaos.

I thought I’d use Easter to get to grips, mark books and assessments, thoroughly plan lessons and generally get on top of things.

I did not. Mostly, I took naps and told myself I’d do it tomorrow.

As it is, everything is in absolute chaos. Personal life is difficult which isn’t helping. Books are unmarked. Assessments all over the place. Winging lessons.


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gingerbreadbiscuits Tue 17-Apr-18 18:53:19

I wil PM you.

MallorieArcher Tue 17-Apr-18 19:00:09

I have no advice but I could have written this. After 8 years the apathy from my classes is wearing me down.
It doesn't help that none of my GCSE class did their Easter past paper homework/revision. Not one. Not even an attempt. And they have the gall to say it's my fault for not holding a revision session.

So yeah, I hear you, holding on for the summer so I can start again in September with nice new books....

callies Tue 17-Apr-18 19:10:50

Thanks, I can’t go off, but part of me wishes I could.

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gingerbreadbiscuits Wed 18-Apr-18 09:15:47

Every teacher is replaceable. You as a person and your health is not replaceable.

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