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Recent Part time teacher - maternity pay advice

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Girlred Sat 14-Apr-18 12:11:19

Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me. I have been teaching in the same primary school for 10 years. I have been full time until last September (2017) when I varied my contract for the school year to 0.4. for various reasons.

I have recently discovered I am pregnant with a 'surprise' 3rd baby in early October and will plan to begin maternity leave at start of September. I intend to take the full year but I have no idea about my maternity leave entitlement. Will I only get part time matetnity pay (0.4) or can I request to go back to full time contract from September 18 even though I'll be off all year. I had been planning to do this anyway but timing seems cheeky. My collleage thought matetnity pay is based on average earnings at a certain stage in the pregnancy. I would really appreciate any advice or opinions as don't Know anyone else who has been in this position.

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noblegiraffe Sat 14-Apr-18 12:26:57

The burgundy book says “If there are significant variations in your salary, the average salary over the 12 weeks preceding the date of absence shall be treated as a week’s salary.”
So going full time in Sept would make no difference.

If you’re in an academy, they may have a maternity policy which is different to the burgundy book.

Girlred Sat 14-Apr-18 22:08:08

Thank you noblegiraffe, we don't have a burgundy book in my part of the UK so finding it hard to get definite answer. I was thinking that might be the case but sort of hoping it wasn't. But anyway, at least I'm prepared now!

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Isittimeforbed Sat 14-Apr-18 22:15:14

I'm not a teacher, but generally maternity pay is worked out based on your earnings between around 17-25 weeks of pregnancy. The only difference increasing your hours from next September would make usually would be the amount of paid holiday you'd accrue in your year off, but it may be unlikely they'd agree to that.

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