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Do you have a TA?

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Smilesawyer Sat 14-Apr-18 08:35:58

Just discovered I'm pregnant, I don't have a T.A.

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CraftyGin Sat 14-Apr-18 12:08:57

Congratulations, but non-sequitur?

cloudyweewee Sat 14-Apr-18 13:06:01

I'm not preganant, and i do have full time T.A. (Y2).
I teach in a one form entry Primary. R, Y1, Y2, Y5 and Y6 have full time TAs. Y3 and Y4 have to share a TA between them. We've been told that if any TA leaves, there will be no replacement.

RowenaDedalus Sat 14-Apr-18 13:11:13

Why do you need a TA?

SureIusedtobetaller Sat 14-Apr-18 13:14:23

Nope. One TA in ks2.
We have 1:1 tas though.

Kirta Sat 14-Apr-18 13:15:04

Depends on the context of your class!

fuzzyduck33 Sat 14-Apr-18 13:20:33

Pregnant.... TA not sure I follow, is it an issue with popping to the toilet as and when you need to? That must be tricky!

Fairport Sat 14-Apr-18 18:45:58

So we can narrow out who the father is. We know it wasn’t the TA.

Appuskidu Sat 14-Apr-18 18:48:55

Are your two statements related?!

I don’t have a TA, no.

What exactly is the problem?

elephantoverthehill Sat 14-Apr-18 18:49:50

TA - time of arrival eg due date?

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 14-Apr-18 19:05:51

Yes, 4 and another teacher, but I'm not pregnant. Does it still count??

IdentifiesAsMiddleAged Sun 15-Apr-18 19:49:34



Kirta Sun 15-Apr-18 20:01:15

So we can narrow out who the father is. We know it wasn’t the TA.

You can rule out the whole of the Territorial Army?! wink

piebarm Sun 15-Apr-18 21:34:00

I've got 3

You want to share?

Cicera Sun 15-Apr-18 21:40:23

We have 1.8 TAs shared between 3 classes.

millimat Sun 15-Apr-18 22:03:40

I'll share @piebarm grin
I have none.

piebarm Sun 15-Apr-18 23:39:27

@millimat you can have one a week on Tuesday for 30mins


phlebasconsidered Mon 16-Apr-18 07:15:34

We have one TA between 3 classes. At times it's impossible. On duty days I don't wee all day.

Having a TA would significantly improve the odds of my staying in the job.

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