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Leaving a job that is on paper good

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juliajames Sat 31-Mar-18 15:18:31

My background is as a state school teacher- a stint abroad when my DC were tiny meant I didn't work for a while then did some supply in international school. I am back in the UK now and work 3 days per week in a non-selective private. I should love it, the students are nice, classes are small, it's near home, left to my own devices but I hate it. The management treat people differently and unfairly, no one ever replies to emails, there is no cpd or any kind of support for t&l. I hate it so much that I just want to bang my head against the wall every evening. Nothing to do with the students at all.

A couple of weeks ago they offered me two terms as hod next year (full time) as my hod is going on mat leave (there's only us two) which I've accepted verbally but not on paper. I regret this and don't want to do it, I just want to leave even though I know I have it easy really.

What would you do? Just stick out next year knowing that it's okay, or have a more life's too short to do stuff you hate attitude? I'm in a dilemma

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PotteringAlong Sat 31-Mar-18 15:25:20

I’d stick it out for 2 terms, use that stint as HoD to boost my cv and then look to move sept 2019

ToriRay Sat 31-Mar-18 15:32:41

I'd crack on with 2 terms if HoD. Might enjoy a different aspect of the job? Then look to get out Sept '19. MAT cover HoD will only make your chances of a new job stronger.

juliajames Sat 31-Mar-18 15:39:26

I know you guys are right. It just seems like an interminably long stretch ahead of me! But it's not long in the grand scheme of things.

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ToriRay Sat 31-Mar-18 15:43:40

It's horrible not enjoying going to work. Just keep thinking 'two terms!' It could be worse... What's your Line Manager like? Any chance of feeding back to her how you're feeling? Or is it more of a 'it's just not me' type of place? smile

juliajames Sat 31-Mar-18 15:57:50

My line manager (head of faculty) is part of the 'old boy' network that is prevalent in the school. He has no interest in our department other than to occasionally criticise GCSE uptake compared to his own subject!

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juliajames Sat 31-Mar-18 15:58:30

In terms of day to day contact with the students, I enjoy it well enough. But the school is a whole is an awful business with the best interests of a select few at heart.

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ToriRay Sat 31-Mar-18 16:03:01

God I hate that Old Boy thing...
Always the worry at the moment though that the grass won't be greener. I blame Gove wink

LockedOutOfMN Sat 31-Mar-18 16:06:53

As others have said, I'd stick it out. Maybe as HoD you can change / improve a few small things that will make your day to day a bit more exciting / enjoyable. You could as HoD also ask for some subject specific CPD? Lots of the webinars are free and take place after school or as "breakfast" sessions (you might need to get cover for Period 1).

Slartybartfast Sat 31-Mar-18 16:12:01

Will you remain with much student contact?
is there any chance the maternity leave will be extended?
will you have a job to go back to?

juliajames Sat 31-Mar-18 16:14:42

Slarty yes- when the hod comes back I will go back to part time in theory- we are both part time at the moment and it's only really a 1 person job. So student contact will remain high!

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