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Pre-Application tour

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TiredOfUsingTechnology Mon 12-Mar-18 08:17:37

Hi all,

I'm having a tour of a school for a middle leadership role later on this week. I've never done one before, never mind for a TLR so was wondering what kinds of questions to ask? I've got the things I would usually ask (routines, policies etc) but not sure what else there could be from a leadership perspective. I'm a one man band at my present school so this would be a big leap. thanks

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Foxsox Mon 12-Mar-18 19:51:27

Do you feel you need to see it before you apply?
What might you see that would put you off applying?
My previous head, who is amazing, gave staff the following advice;
"Don't go for a look around, it can be detrimental to your application"

This wasn't a reflection on the group he was speaking to, instead on the process.

I think they are wise words.

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