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How does this sound?- job share in primary

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rainbowfudgee Sat 10-Mar-18 18:13:24

I've been teaching for 10 years. I've done various roles, all in the same school including full time class teacher, job share and PPA cover. I've applied for a couple of part time jobs in other schools unsuccessfully but want to keep trying.

This job is 0.5, 2 full days teaching plus half a day PPA (paid I assume), in a year group I'm experienced in. The school is slightly closer to home than where I work now. 35 mins commute vs 45 taking into account traffic. Much 'nicer', leafier area. Village setting as opposed to inner city where I am currently. Childcare is sorted via amazing childminder and my youngest starts school in Sept (when the job starts).

Initially I was ruling out anything that wasn't on my doorstep but, given the shortage of part time jobs in my county, should I apply?

The thing I like most is, PPA is on Wednesday mornings with the whole year team (so my job share partner and I would have PPA together). Then I would stay in school unpaid on a Weds afternoon to prep for my 2 days, then teach Thurs and Fri. As both my children will be at school I can also do bits on a Monday or Tuesday. When I did a job share in the past we had zero overlap and a new head; special measures ofsted- it was really stressful.

Does this sound good?? I think it does...

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Origamoo Sat 10-Mar-18 18:35:25

Sounds good to me! Wish I could find one like that!

savoyCabbage Sat 10-Mar-18 18:40:54

I've done a two day job share where we both had the Wednesday morning together and it worked really well. You are only entitled to the half day every other week I think but the head at my school thought it was important that we planned together every week.

rainbowfudgee Sun 11-Mar-18 03:23:21

Yes the job advert states ppa time in your year team with job share partner every week.
I'm going to apply! Thanks for coments!

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rainbowfudgee Sun 11-Mar-18 03:23:37


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kennythekangaroo Mon 12-Mar-18 18:59:47

My last job share and I each did 3 days, on the Wednesday morning, one would take the class and the other would cover the management time of the KS1 leader in the opposite class. Then we would all have PPA Wednesday pm.

Worked really well for several years until the head decided management time could be covered by a HLTA so my job share got moved to a different year group.

New job share is just 2 days so we don't see each other which makes handovers/parents eve much trickier and we have to meet up in our own time for things.

Rockandrollwithit Thu 15-Mar-18 10:43:01

I work full time but job share a class as I'm on SLT and have leadership time. I think this job share sounds great, it only works if you have time to meet with the other person and can be involved in planning etc. Go for it!

rainbowfudgee Sun 18-Mar-18 17:09:07

Glad to hear others think it is workable! I'm a bit apprehensive about applying for a job share in principle as I had a really rough time when I taught in a job share previously. Not my partner's fault at all but whole school circumstances and no overlap time. I'm going to visit the school and apply for the job if I like it! 😊

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Appuskidu Sun 18-Mar-18 23:04:44

I wouldn’t stay on Wednesday afternoon unpaid though! I would go home.

VodkaRevelation Sun 18-Mar-18 23:21:14

The shared PPA time sounds a good deal and the shortened travel time would be a bonus, but the staying for an afternoon unpaid would put me off. Is that expected?

The bit about being able to get bits done on your other two days off strengthened my good feelings about being on supply now. Not helpful, I know, but it’s a 2.5 day job and you’re already planning to be working up to 5 days a week. If you’re happy with that, and I do think that is just the rough deal of a part time teacher, then you should go for it.

rainbowfudgee Tue 20-Mar-18 17:07:55

I would rather stay unpaid that day as my children will be at school during the day- better than working evenings or weekends. To be fair the work has to be done some time and I'd rather arrive on a Thursday will everything nicely laid out and ready to go than in a rush. If anyone asks me to teach or do anything that's not my responsibility that afternoon I shall politely explain that I'm not being paid that afternoon so it is not directed time.
At the moment I do ppa cover - low stress and workload but can be boring and frustrating when teaching in a way others want me to. But there's no perfect job is there?

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rainbowfudgee Tue 20-Mar-18 17:09:50

Also to add- I miss having my own class and seeing the progression. Cover is ok but not very satisfying. I'm trying to find ways to make a job share work with a young family smile

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rainbowfudgee Tue 20-Mar-18 17:12:25

The unpaid afternoon isn't expected, just how I'd prefer to do it.

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