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How do you not burn out? A question for heads...

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oldfatandstressed Sat 03-Mar-18 14:55:42

Just that, I suppose. Been a head for a decade now and cannot imagine doing this until I retire. Is it just me or are there more issues with kids and parents and fewer people taking responsibility for themselves and their children? They're burning me out. If you have been a head longer, what are your survival tips?

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Fairport Sat 03-Mar-18 17:00:31

Difficult. After 8 years, I’d had enough. I’ve gone back to DHT (at another school) and have gone back to enjoying my job. The bits of teaching I enjoy, with the crap taken out!

oldfatandstressed Sat 03-Mar-18 19:53:32

Fairport, Has it been okay taking that step back? Are you not tempted to get involved and what do you do if your head does something you know isn't right? I've thought about it, but I'm worried that I'll become a pain in the neck for my new head.

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Maidupmum Sat 03-Mar-18 20:16:47

I'm a HT. About 18 months ago I had a really shit time and left my job. It was horrendous. I took a bit of time to reflect and did some supply and now I do interim work. It's invigorating because you're always walking into a challenge and you know that if you don't like it, it's not your problem.
Only downside is that I work away from my husband and kids so now trying to get a substantive post and finding it hard sad

dragonwarrior Sat 03-Mar-18 21:22:44

Not a HT but just a note to say that those of us that are actually reasonable human beings appreciate what you do for our children and don't think it is your job to parent our kids

Maidupmum Sat 03-Mar-18 21:24:16

Ha dragon you're in a very small minority grin

Fairport Sat 03-Mar-18 21:40:42

Oldfatandstressed. I thought I may find this a problem, but I haven’t. It’s actually a relief to not have the overall responsibility. I’ll put forward my suggestions. If the HT chooses another way, that is their choice.

Fairport Sat 03-Mar-18 21:47:10

Oldfatandstressed. I haven’t really found this to be an issue. It’s actually a relief to not have the final responsibility. I have my areas of responsibility and I’m trusted to use my initiative. Where appropriate, I will put forward my ideas. If the HT wants to go another way, that’s their choice.

Fairport Sat 03-Mar-18 21:48:19

Double post. Computer froze. I thought the first one hadn’t posted!

dragonwarrior Sat 03-Mar-18 21:57:37

Maidupmum - I know you probably feel like this but I can assure you that almost all of my parent friends feel the same way I do too, it's just the ones with the complaints shout the loudest. I make an active effort to tell my childs school how great they are and how I can see how hard they work but I know none of my friends do, even though they feel it too. I am never sure why people complain so loudly but are not forthcoming with their praiss.

oldfatandstressed Sun 04-Mar-18 09:09:56

dragonwarrior thank you, I don't often get to hear positive stuff, usually just the same playground mafioso parents. Fairport was it a big salary cut? I am so tempted, but am the breadwinner for my (young) family. Also, did you find your working hours were less flexible? I would need to be able to collect my kids from nursery and school club....

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oldfatandstressed Sun 04-Mar-18 09:22:02

maidup I'm sorry you're it that you can't find a school to settle with or that you are struggling to do the full time thing again? I sometimes wonder if there is something else we can do instead of 'heading'...

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dragonwarrior Sun 04-Mar-18 17:38:43

OP, have you considered going to work for the LA? Usually you find Heads of Service, Local Inclusion Managers, Inspectors etc are all ex HT

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