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Sense check please

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MaisyPops Sat 24-Feb-18 22:53:21

Ok so it does seem a different set up and common to print for each other. We expect the class teachers to adapt planning given to them so they sort resources etc (dare i say it, primary sounds a bit more prescriptive).

Still way too much to cc the head in.

BringOnTheScience Sat 24-Feb-18 22:48:47

The only time I printed for colleagues was when we were 3 with parallel classes. We'd take it in turns to plan maths, English and 'topic', rotating each term. So colleague A preps maths fully for all 3 classes, colleague B does English for all of us, etc. At 8.30am we'd be going "Here's your pile... Here's yours... thank you..."

Feebeela Sat 24-Feb-18 22:47:20

We do print for each other. If you plan it, you print it. No biggy really. I think its the fact that HT emailed back to say that "she was happy to help"
I don't want to cause friction but I know I have to say something on Monday. It's not OK!

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Namechanger5555 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:35:57

When working with my partner teacher we print for each other. At the very least we print one set to be photocopied for the relevant groups.
But if for some reason it wasn't printed it wouldn't be a big deal.

MaisyPops Sat 24-Feb-18 22:22:20

But form for what? Not doing a colleague's printing for them?

I planned a unit for year 9. It is shared eith the team and we all teach it. The materials are all on the system 6 weeks in advance. It's on individual class teachers to adapt to their teaching style and print/organise their resources. When it comes to year 10, nobody gives me my resources for each day. Material is on the system and i have to print and organise my resources. Fairly basic stuff.

Unless things are markedly different in primary, i think it's bloody odd that someone would expect a colleague to print and collate their teaching materials, let alone cc the head in because whilst everything else is labelled and 4 way differentiated, there was one sheet missing

Namechanger5555 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:17:26

Unless you have form for this cc-ing the head is v OTT. Could be that there's another issue that your partner teacher hasn't raised but wanted to inform the head (in a roundabout way) that your working relationship isn't going smoothly?

It's very passive aggressive which suggests it's not about this but something else.

MaisyPops Sat 24-Feb-18 22:15:08

She should just have printed it out.
I don't see the issue. To me you planning the lesson is just that, she arranges resources and copying so the fact you even print everything out is way beyond what i would expect.

There's no printing fairies that do my printing for me.

Tell her she can do her own printing in future seeing as she seems to basically cover supervise a lesson you've planned and resourced (but maybe I'm missing sometbing because I'm secondary but that's so different from any job share i've seen)

BringOnTheScience Sat 24-Feb-18 22:13:27

[Try again!]

I wonder whether she's struggling in some way that you're not aware of, so cc'd others to try to protect herself from criticism?

Or... she's being an arse!

BringOnTheScience Sat 24-Feb-18 22:10:39

I wonder whether she's struggling in some

Feebeela Sat 24-Feb-18 22:00:06

Thanks everyone. We have a good working relationship and this has blindsided me. We split the planning between us so this half term I am planning writing and another lesson. As long as we talk to each other, it works. We did discuss the lesson but it was before half term and a v brief chat on Thursday but to me, it was self explanatory. I wouldn't dream of cc-ing the HT with something so bloody trivial.....

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werewolfhowls Sat 24-Feb-18 18:57:55

I would think someone who did this was a Sneaky cow and I would not be doing her any favours in the near future!

piebarm Sat 24-Feb-18 17:21:04

Why are you planning lessons for a day you don't teach?

AnduinsGirl Sat 24-Feb-18 10:09:50

I would also be very annoyed by that. I'd speak to your phase leader calmly about it. I totally agree that this sort of issue should be sorted within phase, and only taken to the head if there's no resolution. Does this colleague have an issue with you in general?

Heratnumber7 Sat 24-Feb-18 10:07:44

Why isn't your partner doing her own planning and preparation?

Feebeela Sat 24-Feb-18 10:06:36

I need a sense check as I am silently seething but might also be overreacting. I don't work on a Friday but planned a writing lesson for Y1. Discussed in PPA, chatted with partner teacher on Thursday v briefly all resources (differentiated labelled LLA, LA, MA/HA) and flip done but not printed out.
Received an email from partner teacher on Friday morning saying that it wasn't clear what it meant, no lines for the chn to write sentences on, was it supposed to be stuck in wasn't printed out. Next time can you...etc. OK fine; I should have printed out, will do next time. However, she had cc'd phase lead and HT! We have a good relationship but I was shocked that she felt she needed to email HT with what could have been dealt with by discussion.
I replied that next week it will be done and that we can deal with this ourselves, if we have a chat and it's not done then please do email HT. Thing is, HT emailed saying that she is happy to help and it is appropriate. This makes me feel uncomfortable as now, it seems there is permission to email HT anytime something isn't quite right. If I have a problem with someone's planning or resources, I either work it out myself or talk to the person directly. I wouldn't dream of emailing HT as it seems so, well, petty and unprofessional. AIBU?

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