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Working part time advice

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Pebbleinthesand Thu 08-Feb-18 09:26:35

I'm a primary school teacher and going back after my maternity leave ends soon. I will be doing 0.6 over three days. Before having DD I'd finally (after 6 years of teaching) managed to get some form from of work/life balance and I'm worried that this may go completely down the pan when I go back.
Anyone got any advice or tips on keeping organised and on top of work when working part time and caring for a baby? Does anyone actually manage to achieve a balance or should I just accept that I'll need to work on my days off sometimes?

hollytom Thu 08-Feb-18 17:50:45

I have found I do need to work on days off- planning etc but I am very strict now so I try to allocate tines when I will do work at home otherwise you can end up doing bits every day. I certainly don’t check emails on non working days. I work at the end of the week so I tend to work at home on weds evening getting ready for the next day and starting planning for next week and then Thursday evening completing planning. I do not bring marking home I stay and do it at lunch time/ after school.
I try not to work at weekend ever so I feel I am having a break. Good luck

rainsbows30 Thu 08-Feb-18 18:06:50

Watching as I'm starting at new school after half term 0.6 mon-wed

Missdread Thu 08-Feb-18 19:01:27

I would advise not getting Outlook on your phone if you want to keep work and home separate. I work 0.4 and am terrible at doing bits every day because there's always something popping up! I have three small children so when they are school on my "off" days is when I do most of my planning and assessment. It can definitely creep into every day if you're not careful and having emails on my phone means there is always someone needing something doing when I'm not in!

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