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Book day costume that is basically means and a comfy top?

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missmapp Sat 03-Feb-18 20:53:21

Any ideas. Done Harry potter and fantastic Mr fox. Anything else that is simple and basically an excuse to dress down and keep warm???

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missmapp Sat 03-Feb-18 20:53:44

Title should say jeans not means !!

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KatnissMellark Sat 03-Feb-18 20:54:17

Where's Wally?

Helspopje Sat 03-Feb-18 20:54:34

Harry and the dinosaurs if yr/y1ish

Owlettele Sat 03-Feb-18 20:54:45

Go as an author instead?? Take book with you.

whitehandledkitchenknife Sat 03-Feb-18 20:55:14

Burglar Bill?

Whooptydoo1 Sat 03-Feb-18 20:55:27

Where’s wally

PanannyPanoo Sat 03-Feb-18 20:55:38

Fern from Charlottes web. jeans and red top card head band with spider and web drawn on saying some pig and a toy pig under your arm.

ShatnersBassoon Sat 03-Feb-18 20:55:52

Billionaire Boy. But some of those banknote napkins from Home Bargains to shove in your pockets, or print out some pictures.

missmapp Sat 03-Feb-18 20:56:12

Sorry , should have said for me , not a child. Deputy always goes as where's wally or i'd pinch that idea

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Spartacunt Sat 03-Feb-18 20:57:19

Dennis The Menace?

OuchBollocks Sat 03-Feb-18 20:57:29

George's Marvellous Medicine, with a large bottle, or one of the Famous Five?
Or Percy Jackson?

LIZS Sat 03-Feb-18 20:57:44

Any of the famous five? Boy or girl?

missmapp Sat 03-Feb-18 20:59:21

George ideas. Thank you !

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missmapp Sat 03-Feb-18 21:00:27

George from the famous five is a good idea. Jeans, converse , stripy top and a cuddly dog. Sounds like the perfect outfit !!

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SleightOfMind Sat 03-Feb-18 21:01:19

Is WBD here already? It only seems a couple on months since the last one.

fruitpastille Sat 03-Feb-18 21:01:55

Demon headmaster. Black cloak, mortar board and sunglasses.

HermioneWeasley Sat 03-Feb-18 21:03:19

George from george’s Marvellous medicine. Jeans, red top and a big spoon

WeeMadArthur Sat 03-Feb-18 21:05:16

George’s Marvellous Medicine. Jeans, £3 red school jumper from Asda, bottle full of well stewed tea and some glitter.

Raaaaaah Sat 03-Feb-18 21:05:28

I was going to say Dennis the menace too. Stripey top and a catapult, jobs a good un.

TheIrregularChoice Sun 04-Feb-18 07:42:48

WBD is 1st March this year. It’s the first week back after half term for us.

falaciousreasoning Sun 04-Feb-18 07:58:41

Horrid Henry. Bonus as you don't even have to brush your hair 😁

InMySpareTime Sun 04-Feb-18 08:00:36

Miss honey from Matilda. Jeans and a stripy top, hair in a ponytail.

missmapp Mon 05-Feb-18 22:41:10

Don't think I can manage to pull off miss honey. Far too much of the trunchbull in me !!

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Changebagsandgladrags Mon 05-Feb-18 22:56:46

Tracy Beaker if juniors age

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