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Interview questions

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HeyThatsNotMyName Thu 25-Jan-18 19:48:03


I have an internal interview for a ks2 phase leader role in slt working across y3456. This is a role I would love to get my teeth into. However, my last interview was 10 years ago. I’m not the best at selling myself and tend to crumble in a formal setting.

What sort of questions could I expect to be asked? Want to use the week ahead to prepare as fully as possible. confused

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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Maidupmum Thu 25-Jan-18 21:10:07

Tell me about a time when you have supported a member of staff who was struggling. Did it have a positive outcome?

Tell me about a time when you have led a a school Improvement project. What was the hardest part of leading.

How would you cope with having to challenge the performance of a close colleague

There will be a safeguarding one

What are the current 'hot topics' in primary education?

You might have a data task or a data question.

Good luck x

HeyThatsNotMyName Thu 25-Jan-18 21:27:53

Thank you. I hadn’t considered the SIP question. X

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