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Classroom gym

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Littlewhistle Thu 18-Jan-18 20:21:16

We're unable to use the hall for gym over the next few weeks so i fancied doing some gym-type activities in the classroom.

Any ideas of anything suitable for 6/7 year olds that isn't too silly - I looked at Go Noodle but didn't like it.

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tshirtsuntan Thu 18-Jan-18 20:32:18

Five a day, mine like the jubilee dance one (youtube).

almightygirl Thu 18-Jan-18 20:36:52

I use these videos with my reception class:

5 a day big jubilee dance and all sports routine

Stand up sit down

Some of the Just Dance videos

Stretching video

Hope that helps!

profpoopsnagle Thu 18-Jan-18 20:39:02

Not gym, but there are dance podcasts on BBC school radio which are useful for a small space.

Dermymc Thu 18-Jan-18 20:41:43

Why not go outside? Surely you could ask parents to send warmer kit.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Thu 18-Jan-18 20:46:48

Mine LOVE GoNoodle. What didn't you like?

We also do 'Golden Mile'- which is actually just recoding how far you can run in 4 mins every day and trying to improve. You could institute that- all you need is two points to run between.

Balfe Thu 18-Jan-18 20:50:11

Yeah, go outside. Cold won't harm them. Much better than half assed dancing on the spot in case the pencils go flying.

I hate GoNoodle, it just hypes them up.

Littlewhistle Thu 18-Jan-18 20:55:09

We are supposed to do a daily mile but it's so cold atm that the parents would complain if we took them out in it!

I just thought Go Noodle was silly. I just want something straightforward

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DandelionAndBedrock Thu 18-Jan-18 20:55:11

We've done Zumba Kids on YouTube during wet play before and they loved it. Worth watching before to pick your favourites though - some are a bit tricky, others walk you through it more slowly.

MiaowTheCat Fri 19-Jan-18 07:58:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rylanmakesmyheartsmile Fri 19-Jan-18 08:20:49

Fwiw my DC's school is still doing the daily mile and in the last week it hasn't got above freezing here with a real feel not getting above -4. For some teachers it genuinely is the daily mile, for others it's more like the "when-we-remember/need something-to-fill-the-time mile". My DC's teachers are among those who do it every day regardless of the weather. The only time we haven't done it this year is when we had reall bad ice and the playground was totally out of action for about a week.

I'd second dance videos or yoga - my 7 year olds regularly do these in their classroom as exercise even when the gym hall is available

Rylanmakesmyheartsmile Fri 19-Jan-18 08:22:03

Oh and I don't know anyone who has complained about the daily mile - they are also outside at break and lunch so it's no different really.

Littlewhistle Fri 19-Jan-18 17:00:50

The parents at our school complain about every bloody thing, so the HT doesn't let the kids out if it's windy, cold or any kind or remotely inclement weather, due to the barrage of emails she knows will be waiting for her the next day angry

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Rylanmakesmyheartsmile Fri 19-Jan-18 18:22:02

That's insane whistle! Surely they must be up to high doh if they aren't getting outside to run around and burn off energy!

Dermymc Fri 19-Jan-18 21:15:17

Your head needs to stand up for herself tbh. If the parents don't like it they can move the kids.

It's not been below freezing in most of the country this year.

I feel for you, nothing worse than a pent up room of overactive children.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 20-Jan-18 08:14:22

Yes, your head needs to send out the 'we go out in all weathers, please send the right clothes' letter.

Littlewhistle Sat 20-Jan-18 21:31:58

Yes, wr're fed up of dealing with classes full of kids cooped up from no playtime or lunchtime outside.

Unfortunately our head is more interested in being the parents' friends than her staff

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