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Back after mat leave - hating it

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Hasbrobeen Mon 15-Jan-18 13:20:48

Just that really. Working part time which is great but it's an hour commute to school and it's very hard - ie not possible - to do a good job in less time. Trying to get home for 6 so leaving at 5. Just not enough time to get marking and planning done...I have pointless meetings after school on 2 of the days I work.

I'm so miserable. I never liked the school anyway but stayed for the mat leave. I've come back to a chaotic team and Year group and it's just shit.

I've started looking for jobs closer to home but I think it'll be hard to get part time.

Not sure why I started this thread....I think I'm looking for support from others in a similar position.

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Hugepeppapigfan Mon 15-Jan-18 18:59:27

I’ve been in your position. I found it hard. I’ve been back 2 years now and I’m back FT. It gets easier but I’m still thinking of leaving.

Hasbrobeen Mon 15-Jan-18 19:30:45

Thanks for replying. Are you thinking of leaving teaching altogether or a different school?

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Hugepeppapigfan Mon 15-Jan-18 20:07:51

Altogether. My school is very nice and I work with some fantastic staff and children. But the workload of a teacher places unreasonable demands on my time when I should be focussed on my home life. It’s very sad. I love teaching but life is too short.

Scooby23 Mon 15-Jan-18 21:51:15

I also worked a long way from home. After second maternity decided I couldn’t manage a commute on top of day, particularly as was so difficult to get there early in morning. I gave up and found job share straight away ... but dropped ups and v v difficult to get permanent part time contract. Good luck.

Hasbrobeen Tue 16-Jan-18 06:32:52

Thanks Scooby. I'm partly thinking it makes sense to hang on and try for DC2 whilst in current job and then not go back. But it took a long time to conceive the first time.

Did you get a permanent contract?

There's a couple of possibilities offered in the guardian but all fixed term. I'm so wary of making a bad choice though when it comes to a school - maybe trying a few out by doing supply work would be a good idea.

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Scooby23 Tue 16-Jan-18 20:38:36

Hi. I haven’t managed to get permanent yet but have had initial six months contract extended and Ive now been 3 years at same school. Xxx

Hasbrobeen Thu 18-Jan-18 06:23:41

Thanks Scooby. Glad that's worked out for you. I feel a bit better after looking at the guardian jobs and seeing there are options even if fixed term.

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PotteringAlong Thu 18-Jan-18 06:39:44

I think fixed term contracts are not uncommon now.

earlylifecrisis Thu 18-Jan-18 16:26:48

Have you considered doing supply for a bit? When I went back after mat leave With dc1 had a similar commute and was a bit miserable so I did supply at local schools only. Also meant that I could take a day off with no worries if DD was sick .

Hasbrobeen Thu 18-Jan-18 18:29:40

Yeah I have been thinking about supply early. I'm debating whether it's worth trying to hang on and try for dc2 and get the mat leave. And
Then quit and do supply. But not sure if ready for dc2. Plus probably will take forever to conceive as so knackered!!!

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earlylifecrisis Fri 19-Jan-18 06:50:47

Hasbro sure if you are thinking of a DC2 that sounds sensible. But supply is quite liberating if you get to that point especially if you're near a city as there's usually quite a lot of supply

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