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Sick note xmas between stress leave and maternity

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Serendipper Fri 12-Jan-18 08:59:05

Anyone offer some advice please
I was off for around 10 weeks with work stress at the end of my pregnancy. My sick note ended the last day of term before the xmas holidays and my maternity leave has started the first day back after the holidays. School have said I need a sick note to cover the holiday. The dr who issued my previous note is on long term leave and drs receptionist has said they don't need to issue me a note as I wasn't stressed at that point as I wouldn't have been in work anyway. I've had 3 phone calls off School asking for the note, can't get hold of anyone when I phone back. I'm 3 days overdue and in and out of hospital trying my best to avoid an induction. So don't really need to be pestered about this. What happens if I just don't provide a note? Can I declare myself fit for work on the first day of the holidays?

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IAmSamSamlAm Fri 12-Jan-18 09:05:12

Can you have a telephone consultation with the GP covering your GP?

Serendipper Fri 12-Jan-18 09:16:11

That's what I tried to do but the receptionists are very difficult to get past in my surgery and I'm back in the hospital today so can't sit around waiting for the call. I also don't really want an extra 2 weeks counted as sick. My sickness record is awful due to this absence and a previous work related injury. So I would prefer it to be holiday and then maternity really. Just want to know if I can do this.

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Leyani Sat 13-Jan-18 05:38:54

You shouldn’t need a note for a time when you weren’t off sick anymore. So yes, tell school you were ok from x date

ohlittlepea Sat 13-Jan-18 06:25:29

have it as holiday! As if they manage to twist it to pregnancy related sickness then they may try to say your mat leave started earlier. Send an email with the date you were well from.

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