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Dyslexic children in primary school

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GreenTulips Sun 07-Jan-18 11:04:57

Can any one tell me what help your child receives and how they are assessed?

For example are they given colored printouts or coloured writing books?

Are they able to use laptops or text to speech - can teachers use these to asses there levels - I know spelling is out for example as the computer does it - but what about the rest of it?

What about ClaroPDF reader - are they allowed that?

What about a scribe?

Also timed tests, are they done separately or with help?

Anybody shed some light or any links for primary schools (I found some for secondary)

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oneisoneandallalone Sun 07-Jan-18 18:52:57

With a diagnosis of dyslexia, the school can give a child an extra 25% in a timed test and if it helps to have larger print, pre-order large print texts of the test papers. I'm not sure if they can print on coloured paper, but if a child routinely uses an overlay for reading they can take that into the test with them.

We have exercise books with coloured pages and coloured mini whiteboards for children who would find that helpful.

I'm not sure what the criteria are for having a scribe as I've not had a child who needs one, but a reader can be provided for all tests apart from the reading assessment.

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