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Any reception teachers here?

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fizzicles Mon 04-Dec-17 16:06:32

I’m about to start teaching in reception, having previously taught year 5 and 6 for the last 7 years or so. Eeek! Just a bit of a change! So, what do I need to know? I’ve been reading the EYFS document, revising my phonics, and read the Ofsted guidance that came out last week.

Wondering if any of you have any ideas or insights really? It feels like going back to a completely different job. Has anyone else done similar? What helped you get up to speed? Thanks!

fizzicles Mon 04-Dec-17 19:05:24

Anyone around?

Littlefish Mon 04-Dec-17 21:52:46

It really is completely different job! I really would suggest spending some time in Reception before you move there. Will you be the only reception teacher, or is there another class too?

fizzicles Tue 05-Dec-17 00:01:51

There are 3 other classes, and I’m going to be sharing my class. Going in tomorrow for a KIT day, and have another one planned before the end of term. Start back in January.

Lollipop30 Tue 05-Dec-17 00:05:39

Definitely get some experience to get your head round the difference! It’s a huge jump. Remember much more play based and things you will have got used to taking for granted ie simple instructions will seem massive.

rainsbows Tue 05-Dec-17 08:14:49

Not as big a leap as you but I'm going from year 6 to 2, also as a job share. So I'm following!

Mistoffelees Sat 09-Dec-17 10:45:40

The Bold Beginnings report has been widely criticized by well-regarded early years experts but will probably be loved by head teachers who don't understand the needs of young children. Foundation stages across different school vary widely. Is yours more formal or follow a child led approach?

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