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Teaching interview lesson

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Jennifaerie Tue 21-Nov-17 10:31:35


I'm an NQT and currently preparing my interview lesson for a maternity cover post. It's for year 5/6 but the objective for the lesson is passive verbs which only occurs in the year 6 curriculum. Time is quite tight (20 minutes) so I won't have time for two separate inputs.

Would you;
a) Teach all the children this skill and differentiate their task.

b) Give a completely different LO for year 5 related to word function whether the subject of the sentence is performing the action or having it performed upon them?

At the minute I'm thinking of teaching the class as a whole and doing a shared sentence analysis with examples. Then having the year 6 move through an editing task and then creating their own sentences in the passive voice whilst the year 5 identify passive sentences in a text.

Although I've taught quite a few mixed age classes on supply I've generally just taught the same SPAG to both ages and just differentiated the level of understanding I expect by age. However this topic is so definitely just in the year 6 curriculum I'm not sure which way to go.

TIA and sorry for the long post!


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Jennifaerie Tue 21-Nov-17 15:46:01

After further research it seems to be mentioned across 5 and 6 rather than specifically year 6 so will just differentiate for ability rather than by age.

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