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Head has it in for me

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Swift1978 Sun 12-Nov-17 23:18:57

Have been at current school nearly 4 years, have always had good observations, got good OFsted observation. School has had a lot of SLT changes in my time, previous deputy is now head of school with over arching executive heads who are responsible for several other schools so only spend one day a week in each. Had someone from county in a few weeks ago who was going to do lesson drop ins- her and the head of school dropped into lesson as children had just come back from a session where they are out of class- they were in the process of sitting down and 2 children were handing the books out when the head of school and LA lady came in. They asked two children what they were learning about, who replied that they weren’t sure yet, I over heard and explained that we had only just come back from the other session and then they left. Head told me three weeks late in my appraisal that the LA lady had said my teaching required improvement as it was chaotic and the children didn’t know what they were learning and that I also wouldn’t be getting my performance related pay rise this year as I was one child short on the number I was given as a target to pass SATS despite the fact the class made incredible progress. We now have observations this week and I have double the amount of SLT coming into my lesson than any other member of staff. I had an awful class last year (35 and really bad behaviour problems) but this year my class are lovely and I was truly loving teaching for the first time in a while until all this started. My class are making great progress and I honestly feel I’ve done a great job in the classroom most lessons ( which is a feeling that doesn’t come easily to teacher!) I

Also i found out on Friday that when both myself and my daughter (a pupil) were off sick with the dreaded stomach bug on the last day of last term the head of school went round asking other members of staff if we had skived to get an early holiday as it seemed very unlikely to her that we could both have the stomach bug (she doesn’t have children!). Granted I have had some time off over the last year but my husband walked out on me with no warning just over a year ago, it completely floored me and I was off for two weeks. After that there were a couple (2 or 3 max) of times I had a day or or two off due to illness (I was a complete physical and mental wreck at this point in my life and got proper flu where I couldn’t even get out of bed twice) or my daughter’s illness ( single parent, no other childcare as my mum has dementia and my dad is dead) but no absence at all since about Feb this year.

She is generally acting very unprofessionally at work and the power has clearly gone to her head. Has refused to sign off stationary orders as she thinks we are all hiding stationary in our cupboards hmm so we end up with no pencils or whiteboard pens for the children. Blames everything that people don’t like of the executive heads. Doesn’t do important paperwork ie sort out changes to support staff contracts so that they get paid the right amount. Lots of little things that just make work difficult.

I also found out on Friday that my TA is leaving - mostly because of her, she’s a great TA and has worked there for a long time. Despite loving every moment I. My class teaching I now desperately want to leave the school and potentially teacher as a whole as in my experience there will always be someone like her in a school. However I would struggle to find another job that would fit around responsibilities to my children and that I could earn a decent salary in but I am desperately unhappy there. All other aspects of my life are lovely now and it is the one thing dragging me down.

Should I go to the executive heads and share my concerns about her behaviour and how I feel I and a few others are being victimised by her? Does her behaviour seem as unreasonable to others as it feels to me? Congrats and a big glass of wine if you got this far.

Swift1978 Mon 13-Nov-17 01:57:09

Sorry for typos was typing too fast! Obvs I mean stationery and teaching and I’m!!!!

redcarbluecar Mon 13-Nov-17 04:03:13

Sorry to hear you've been through all this, professionally and personally. The new head sounds out of her depth and using overbearing power strategies to assert her position. If you and others feel you're being victimised, could you keep a detailed record of any dealings you've had with her (with dates, what you felt was unreasonable etc) and seek union support? Keep it factual and as unemotional as possible. For more practical things (e.g. not sorting out a contract properly), a polite emailed enquiry to the executive head may work.

mnistooaddictive Mon 13-Nov-17 04:36:23

Are you a member of a union? If so, contact them. Pay progression should not be denied for failing to meet numerical targets. Are other teachers feeling the same? The stationery stuff is unacceptable, can you all speak to her together.

castasp Mon 13-Nov-17 07:55:46

I would find another job elsewhere. Do as the previous PPs said with regards to the Union as well. but you need to get out of there. In my experience bullying doesn't stop, it just gets worse. You sound like a great teacher who loves her job, so definitely stay in teaching - there are nice schools out there.

Make sure you secure a job before you leave - if they do want to get rid of you, then they'll give you a good reference, whereas if you leave before finding another job, they may be vindictive and give you a bad reference.

I think going to the executive head may be a good idea as well i.e. fight it on every front. They may turn out to be on your side (i.e. they might not like your Head either). You must go in there with facts though, and avoid sounding petty, or like you're just whinging/slagging her off. However, if they seem to not be on your side, then you're not going to get anywhere, so get another teaching job elsewhere asap.

Appuskidu Mon 13-Nov-17 12:36:38

Why do you feel you can’t move? Is your daughter at your current school.

Yes, in an ideal world-you’d be able to sort it out but in reality, I would just advise moving Schools. Move your daughter too, if needs be.

cansu Tue 14-Nov-17 19:20:05

move. It won't get better. Management will likely back her up and you will be perceived as a 'problem'.

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