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Matildasmum13 Sun 12-Nov-17 21:32:32

Has anyone heard about the Thrive approach? What do you think about it? Cheers

Acopyofacopy Mon 13-Nov-17 16:57:24

Is this How to Thrive for secondary schools?
A previous school I worked at did this. Teachers and students alike thought is was a monumental crock of shite waste of time.

OneDayIWillBeOrganised Sat 18-Nov-17 22:50:50

We use it in our school.and it is very good. It is delivered by licensed practitioners who need to be trained for 10 days ( which is quite expensive) and there is a cost per child that is screened so not a cheap option. It has made a huge difference to some of our children who display challenging behaviour or struggle with emotions. If you have any specific questions post them and I'll try to answer for you.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 19-Nov-17 08:22:40

I'm not convinced- caveat I'm not Thrive trained.

However, I received a child who came with Thrive paperwork. One of the activities suggested for the child was that he should share food in a group with others.

Sharing food in a group was a MASSIVE trigger for him. Putting him in a group to share food with other children put them at significant risk. Not ideal!!

parrotonmyshoulder Mon 20-Nov-17 18:56:04

Glad you added the ‘caveat’, Lowdoor.

Tigersteeth Mon 20-Nov-17 21:41:44

I'm a trained thrive practitioner in a primary school, and I really rate it!
We've seen some great improvements in the emotional wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable children.
I like the way it is based in neuroscience, and the nonjudgemental language it uses, as opposed to the Boxall profile.

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