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Any advice - teachers perspective

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MaraFletchermummy Sun 05-Nov-17 22:09:51

Hi , I’m not a teacher , but my brother is desperate. We need an opinion from a teacher. My niece is 15 in S4 exams this year. Her mum died when she just finished S1 . Missed some of S2, 50% of S3 (Tried phased return going in half days , working independently) she did well until a week before the October holiday perfect attendance , then unit assessments began , her anxiety seemed to just be all consuming again (was still anxious but seemed to be striving through until this point). She had 4 days off before end of term , the Tuesday morning after then hasn’t been in since. She is filled with anxiety and has promised to go to school tomorrow but I fear this isn’t the correct approach. She got pupil of the month last month in Biology. I plan to talk to her guidance teacher (her dad works full time). I’m not sure what to go in expecting , any suggestions as to what can be done ? Thank you in advance.

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MsJaneAusten Sun 05-Nov-17 22:31:22

I'm sorry she (and your brother presumably) are having such a hard time. Is 'S1', 'S2' etc Scottish? I don't have any specific advice about that, but in terms of the meeting, I think I'd go in with a very open mind. Explain what you're seeing at home, ask what they're seeing at school. Ask for suggestions about moving forward. Take some time to think and discuss things with your brother and niece, then make a plan to move forward.

Is she getting support outside of school? GP? Cruse? Winston's Wish?

LJdorothy Sun 05-Nov-17 23:03:31

She needs to get support in tackling her anxiety. Go to the GP and get a referral to CAMHs. They may be able to get her into group sessions fairly quickly. My daughter did the group sessions and I think it helped her to realise she wasn't alone and there were many other girls who felt the same. You can also arrange for her to see a counsellor through the school.

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