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"Academy bosses get paid huge amounts" shocker

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Postagestamppat Sat 04-Nov-17 22:13:01

Sorry for the daily mail link (too lazy to find another source)

Despite huge cuts to the education budget enough money has been found to pay those at the top ridiculous salaries. Although I think that this is more of a general economics/politics issue of the gap between those at the top earning way out of proportion to those at the bottom. It is sad and disgusting that it has spread to education at a time when funding for teachers, resources, etc. is so tight. It must be bad, when even the tory education minister says it is out of order (will she do anything about it though? Doubtful).

Another thing that pees me off about it, is that the hard job is not sitting in an office making "tough" decisions but being in the classroom having to deal with the behaviour and the endless micromanagement because teachers are not trusted to do their jobs effectively. Those of us who do that genuinely have difficult jobs, but there are enough of us that we can be treated as low-paid canon fodder.

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