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Have anyone else's children forgotten everything over half term?

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GetTheGoodLookingGuy Thu 02-Nov-17 21:50:46

I don't mean academic things. I mean like how to get along with each other and be even a tiny bit independent.

Y4 TA, and my class have been driving me mad the last few days - stupid playground squabbles including "so and so won't let me play with this piece of equipment I'm currently holding in my hands" and a group of children making up a language and talking in it around children who were talking in Polish the previous day and said a word which sounded like another child's name. Sulking because I asked them to sit at a table, or relinquish a skipping rope they've monopolised for the past four playtimes. Asking what we're doing straight after the input despite claiming to have listened to said input, and having copied down the WALT which could not have been more straightforward. Coming for help "I don't know what to write!" (without their book), me spending several minutes helping them figure out what to write, rehersing the sentence together, etc, and then child returning five minutes later, sans book again "I don't know what to write!"

Can anyone relate? TGIF tomorrow!

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