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Crying at then thought of managing my workload

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Changerofname987654321 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:34:18

As above.

For a number of reasons this year is very difficult. I have no classroom so spend a significant amount of time moving equipment around. SLT are aware of the issues and don’t care and have refused several requests to ease the situation.

I am a part time member of staff but have to do the same number of CPD projects (half allocated CPD time), same number of duties, detentions and parents evenings as full time staff. There are a number of others as well but I have to get up so don’t have time to explain it.

I can’t manage my workload and really think I need to quit. Any words of wisdom or sympathy please.

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sakura06 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:37:36

Hello, also part time and finding workload horrendous this year (new exams, changes to day, teaching new subjects, split classes), so you have my sympathy!

In terms of Parent Evenings and CPD, you don’t have to attend any on days you don’t work. Would that cut the load a bit for you?

ScarletSienna Thu 02-Nov-17 06:38:53

You have my sympathy. It’s miserable when it’s made so difficult. You absolutely should not be doing full time responsibilities but I know it’s hard to refuse. Would you be able to get union support?

Changerofname987654321 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:42:11

The union have asked and had been told i need to calculate the hours I am working. I don’t have time to do that. Parents evening falls on my working days.

I am not going in on days off put there are lots of CPD project eg observe each other in groups and working groups. I have not attended any yet but I get emails telling me I need to do stuff.

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2014newme Thu 02-Nov-17 06:42:59

Tell your line manager it's unmanageable and you need to cut it.

INeedNewShoes Thu 02-Nov-17 06:43:28

I would look for a new post.

It would make me but miserable working for an employer who were behaving like this.

Not having a fixed abode, so to speak, is understandable as a short term situation but you absolutely should not have the same amount of detention etc. responsibilities as a full time member of staff.

How realistic is it to find a new job?

Changerofname987654321 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:53:23

2014newme I have done. The answer is no along with my other sensible suggestions. For example I share a form class with someone else who works 3 days a week yet over a fortnight I see them 6 days and she sees them 3 days and SLT won’t change this.

There no jobs for my subjects coming up (RE) and definitely none part time.

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whoareyoukidding Thu 02-Nov-17 06:58:11

Firstly, I have every sympathy for you. You should not have to calculate the hours you're working, you should be able to ask the HR dept at school. It will be expressed as a percentage, e.g. 0.5. Then you can get back to the union and they will advise.

whoareyoukidding Thu 02-Nov-17 06:58:51

And DO NOT go in on days off, that is madness.

Changerofname987654321 Thu 02-Nov-17 07:01:31

Union said I need to caliculate the total number directed hours that I am doing so I can compare it to my contracted hours.

I am not going in during my days off but I am working from home.

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whoareyoukidding Thu 02-Nov-17 07:09:53

Yes you do need to know how many hours and then have it expressed as 0.5, 0.6 etc , i mean that you personally shouldn't have to calculate the hours, just ask HR.

whoareyoukidding Thu 02-Nov-17 07:11:22

Sorry, it's still early in the morning! Ah , so directed hours should be on par with worked hours, so 0.5 worked hours, then 0.5 directed hours.

Changerofname987654321 Thu 02-Nov-17 08:01:04

I am not sitting in the car park not wanting to get out of the car. This is ridiculous.

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ScarletSienna Thu 02-Nov-17 18:57:12

I have definitely been where you are and it’s miserable. I think you somehow do need to calculate the hours and list all the unfair balance issues for your union to then support.

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