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Can I combine a masters with being a part-time TA

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OnASummersDay Mon 30-Oct-17 15:36:23

Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is the correct thread to post this on - apologies if not.

Next year I am returning to university to do a Masters degree, not to propel my career, just it's something I've wanted to do for years and that I'm passionate about.

I have a very very very small amount of TA experience, from when I did work experience at a primary school while I was at school myself. I have also worked as a mentor on summer schools while I was at university.

However, I am clueless on how TA-ing works nowadays - do I need a qualification or similar? Or would I be able to be a TA while completing my masters, which will be two teaching days per week.

I understand that clearance etc is needed.

Any advice would be appreciated!

thecatfromjapan Mon 30-Oct-17 15:45:16

Workload-wise, it'll be fine. However, you'll have to find a school that is OK with you working part-time. You do need clearance but the school will sort that out. Schools vary as to qualifications needed. Some will look for literacy, numeracy, flexibility and rapport with children, others may demand a formal TA qualification. Just apply to a lot of schools.

For essays and dissertation, you will almost certainly need access to a library - as in, you may need to spend the occasional full day in a library - not all articles will be on-line and you'll need to wander around the stacks/trawl the catalogue to read around the subject beyond your booklist - but you can use weekends for that.

I'm assuming you're thinking of working as a TA for supplementary money during your course? Will it pay enough?

OnASummersDay Mon 30-Oct-17 17:37:37

Thanks for the reply! Very useful information.

The salary will be enough as I only need a supplementary income to add to savings while studying.

I think my main concern is the part-time thing. I live quite rurally and there aren't too many schools available so I suppose I was wondering if it's common for TAs to be part time?

WyfOfBathe Mon 30-Oct-17 20:42:13

I know someone who has just finished her masters while working as a TA. It's a large secondary with an SEN inclusion unit, and there are several part time TAs and LSAs. I don't know if this is as common in smaller schools - AFAIK all the TAs in DD's primary are full time.

Singleandproud Mon 30-Oct-17 20:48:28

All the TAs in my secondary school are full time most have degrees in their subject or are ex teachers themselves. I think Primary TAs are expected to have Level 3 in Child development type courses.

Being a TA is a very sought after job due to the school hours I dont think you are going to find it easy to walk into that role without much prior experience.

You might find a cover supervisor or invigilator work in local high schools and colleges easier to come by or if you only need to supplement your savings supermarkets workers are flexible and might suit you better if its flexibility that you need picking up extra shifts as and when youneed them.

MummaDeeDee Tue 31-Oct-17 20:18:07

The general requirements for TA’s are a BTEC Level 2 or equivalent and A-C in GCSE Maths & English. Not all schools insist on the Level 2 so you may be fine in that sense. The only struggle I think you’d have is to find 2 days a week, most are 4 or 5 days and full school days.

OnASummersDay Wed 01-Nov-17 11:28:21

Thanks for the advice! I have a few friends who TA through an agency and thought that this might be an idea, but again we are rural.

I still have a lot of time to do some research!

heron98 Wed 01-Nov-17 13:33:23

Aren't all TAs part time as they only work school hours? Sorry if I've got that wrong.

Moshmoshi Fri 03-Nov-17 13:00:12

I think singleandproud's advice about supermarket work is good. A few years back I had a 12 hour a week contract (two evening 6 hour shifts) and I earned about £300 a month- probably similar to a part time TA and the possibility of overtime which probably wouldn't happen in a school.

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