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SeamusMacDubh Mon 30-Oct-17 13:29:40

Is nothing on Twinkl free anymore?

Littlewhistle Tue 31-Oct-17 21:06:08

Not sure but I know they have "changed the goalposts" recently and people who thought they had paid for everything now find there is yet another tier of membership above.

Twinkl were getting a lot of backlash on FB for this.

DrMadelineMaxwell Wed 01-Nov-17 20:53:43

Some of it is free. Very little though

Balfe Wed 01-Nov-17 20:56:46

How else would they afford to translate everything into every language under the sun?

Littlewhistle Wed 01-Nov-17 21:20:20

I like their resources but find it very difficult to locate stuff. I type in a very precise instruction and get goodness knows what in 101 languages hmm

SeamusMacDubh Wed 01-Nov-17 21:49:27

Ah okay, seems like a lot of the resources I used to use (TES, Twinkl etc) have changed almost beyond recognition hmmconfused

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