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SeamusMacDubh Mon 30-Oct-17 13:29:40

Is nothing on Twinkl free anymore?

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Littlewhistle Tue 31-Oct-17 21:06:08

Not sure but I know they have "changed the goalposts" recently and people who thought they had paid for everything now find there is yet another tier of membership above.

Twinkl were getting a lot of backlash on FB for this.

DrMadelineMaxwell Wed 01-Nov-17 20:53:43

Some of it is free. Very little though

Balfe Wed 01-Nov-17 20:56:46

How else would they afford to translate everything into every language under the sun?

Littlewhistle Wed 01-Nov-17 21:20:20

I like their resources but find it very difficult to locate stuff. I type in a very precise instruction and get goodness knows what in 101 languages hmm

SeamusMacDubh Wed 01-Nov-17 21:49:27

Ah okay, seems like a lot of the resources I used to use (TES, Twinkl etc) have changed almost beyond recognition hmmconfused

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LittleEllie88 Sun 30-Sep-18 10:40:34

I wouldn't recommend using Twinkl knowing the way how awful they take advantage of their staff and how Twinkl cheats customers using fake Trustpilot reviews and quality standard icons. If you are an international school with a school subscription, make sure you don't overpay the VAT element as Twinkl tweaks their pricing and exchange rates so you pay more. One way of checking is switching your country to GB and compare the quote given to what UK school pays.

catherinedevalois Sun 30-Sep-18 17:42:55

I hate the way my school is just Twinkl Twinkl everywhere! So many generic and vanilla pictures. Agree that it is hard to find free resources and also the person who designed their search facility needs more training! 😱 So frustrating to find the resource one day but you can't find it the next.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sun 30-Sep-18 18:17:33

I don't mind paying because they have so much but I do think their search engine is terrible. 2d shape and 2d shapes give totally different results.

DanSullivan Sun 30-Sep-18 20:16:32

Yeah, the search facility isn’t great. I find I get better results using google.
We have a school subscription and it’s gone a huge way towards reducing our workload.

Soontobe60 Sun 30-Sep-18 20:21:53

I know someone who works for Twinkl. She's very happy with her job and pay!

LemonRedwood Sun 30-Sep-18 20:26:03

Not sure but I know they have "changed the goalposts" recently and people who thought they had paid for everything now find there is yet another tier of membership above.

I'm called on to cover classes from YrR to Yr6 with very little notice in my school often with vague or no planning left, so Twinkl has always been incredibly useful. The extra tier appearing above mine when I thought I'd paid for full access was incredibly annoying. I'm not sure I need the tier above though.

ballsdeep Sun 30-Sep-18 20:26:11

I love twinkl but agree with the search engine. A nightmare when you're trying to sort things quickly!

LittleEllie88 Thu 17-Oct-19 00:27:36

There's a lot of bullying at this workplace, check out Glassdoor.
You are literally supporting office bullying if you buy a Twinkl subscription!

rosesinmygarden Fri 18-Oct-19 15:27:51

£10.50 an hour is the reason I've never applied for a Twinkl job. All the other resource producers pay approx £20 ph.

QwertySmalls Sat 19-Oct-19 12:58:37

Do you have any other suggestions for similar websites.

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