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PGCE withdrawal - can you retrain in the future?

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Lowdoorinthewal1 Wed 25-Oct-17 20:55:15

It is such a short time in the scheme of things. I would just take a deep breath, put your head down and get it done. Then you can take a couple of years out working as a TA before doing your NQT year in the phase/ sector you really want.

ITT is shit. If you got an EYFS placement they'd find some way of making you hate that too.

I really very nearly dropped out of my PGCE- looked at all sorts of ways of getting out of finishing because it was so awful, but my DH told me what I'm telling you (suck it up basically) and I'm really glad he did. I faffed about a bit afterwards but 15 years later I am a very happy, senior SEN Teacher.

toomuchicecream Wed 25-Oct-17 18:21:18

I would imagine it comes down to funding - can you get more student loan to do the course again? You would need to do your research, but I would imagine you'd stand a good chance of a salaried schools direct place with your experience, so I suspect you wouldn't need funding.

I can completely see why you don't want to continue with your current provider, but before you withdraw, why don't you phone a couple of others and ask if you can transfer/how they would view an application from you in the future? If you're in London you'll have plenty of choice!

How near to the end did you get? If you've just got to do your final placement then I'd say bite the bullet and finish the course with your original provider. But if you only did a term then changing sounds like a good plan. Again, if you're in London (or the south east) you'll walk into a job with your experience - having a 5-11 PGCE won't stop people offering you a job in EYFS.

BananaSandwichesEveryDay Wed 25-Oct-17 18:20:31

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question, but you might need to look into the implications regarding student loans etc. A student at our school had to pull out partway through and I thought there was soneissue about repaying the loan.

Londonmum88 Wed 25-Oct-17 18:16:14

I have to create a new account… I am currently not enrolled onto a PGCE - started some time ago with an unsupportive placement which caused much stress and anxiety so I took a break from the course. I was supposed to resume but the uni was unhelpful in getting a placement (basically left us to our own devices). Since then I had been working as a TA/LSA and I found myself really enjoying EYFS and working with ASD children (though not enjoying the poor pay). Recently the uni had emailed me back to re-enroll, and I am having second thoughts about the course and institution. Firstly, I do not trust that the uni provides a good support - the blame seems to be on the students, I wasn't really supported on my placement - a particularly challenging class, sudden change of tutor, school did not allow 10% non-contact time but the uni didn't say a word when I brought it up… I had to say the placement nearly destroyed me at the time and I am afraid of another repeat. Secondly, I feel that I wasn't in the right age group (Primary). Having now spent 2+ terms in EYFS I prefer this age range, hard work but it feels more like the child-led education I originally signed up for (not test test test for 7 years old). Unfortunately my course doesn't allow me to do placements in reception, has to be KS1/2. Thirdly, I think that I still need some time to put the last (unsuccessful) placement behind me, and gain further experience and confidence before teacher training.

So my delimma is, can I formally withdraw from the course, continue TA-ing for 2-3 years, and reapply to another teacher training course (possibly school direct or early years PGCE) in the future? I really don't want to rush back into the course now, and certainly not at that uni.

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