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Can I ask advice

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OohAahBird Thu 19-Oct-17 11:24:23

My son has additional complicated needs and has emergency funding for 1:1 support while his ehcp is finalised. The senco doesn't seem to share anything with his class teacher, just the TA. The new class teacher has not been included in the meetings with the senco this term.
As a result the teacher spent parents evening questioning everything that we are doing in front of him and basically making me feel terrible because she doesn't seem to have any understanding of his issues, and almost seems to think we are making a fuss over nothing. His is not a common issue and no one in school has any experience of it.
She has said she expects the TA who had him last year to tell her when things need adjusting for him.
I don't know what to do, who I should speak to, whether I should say anything

Lozmatoz Thu 19-Oct-17 11:27:05

ask for a meeting with the head, the teacher, TA and senco.

Write down what you want to say, and what you expect the to do. I’d also be saying that you find the teacher extremely unprofessional.

TheSnowFairy Sat 21-Oct-17 16:23:39

The senco should absolutely be making sure the teacher is fully aware of everything the TA knows.
I would write an email to the class teacher explaining all his needs, copy the HT in and the senco, and state you expect the senco to update the teacher as and when things change.

FrogsLegs31 Sat 21-Oct-17 16:29:35

The teacher is responsible for ensuring she is aware of all such information on her students.

I can accept that it might not be something she could do immediately (having had 200+ students to do this for myself this term... with no access to records for the first four weeks!!!).

But it is her job to seek out the information not wait for someone to tell her.

MagicFajita Sat 21-Oct-17 16:37:09

Whilst the ta (I am one) certainly has a professional responsibility to feedback and report to teacher , sendco and also parents , there is definitely a communication problem here and it sounds massively frustrating.

Definitely do as pps have suggested and request that meeting with each of these staff members. Gather each of their email addresses and keep those lines of communication open throughout the academic year. Don't be fobbed off op , persistence is key here.

I have worked closely with Sen kids and their families and unfortunately have seen the wool pulled over even the most savvy parents' eyes on occasion. So please don't be afraid of making your presence known!

Good luck.

wowbutter Sat 21-Oct-17 16:52:59

No, that's not right.
The senco no tacher should be meeting to discuss adjusts,nets and the ta informed what is their responsibility and feedback about effectiveness.
It's not the tas job to tell the teacher how to adjust.

Out of interest, if you know, how did you get emergency funding? Do you know?

OohAahBird Sun 29-Oct-17 21:33:19

We got emergency funding from the LA because the hospital consultant said he couldn't go back to school without 1:1 support, the school applied and got it. Based on medical evidence. His additional needs are as a result of an injury and we had the LA education team for children who can't attend school before we got the emergency funding.

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