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'Team teaching' experiences?

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McDougal Wed 11-Oct-17 18:19:16

Does anyone have experience of ‘team teaching’ during their PGCE?

Warning: this gets incredibly childish so well done if you make it to the end grin

University have struggled to get placements for everyone this year so there are a few from our course at the same school.

I’ve been placed with someone I’ve known for two years on the undergrad course and there’s talk of team teaching.

We have been tasked with doing a few short sessions on essay writing skills for some sixth form students and I planned my first section a couple of days ago (for tomorrow).

My ‘partner’ is now messaging suggesting he adds things for his section which are exactly the same as mine or suggestions I’d made a couple of days ago. My issue is that his section is before mine - therefore mine will look completely unoriginal.

It’s not too much of an issue for these sessions but I’m worried he’ll do similar once we’re team teaching and I’ll look like the copycat hmm

If anyone has any suggestions which don’t include me telling tales to our mentor, I’d really appreciate it smile

noblegiraffe Wed 11-Oct-17 21:04:10

Why didn't you say 'I'm already doing that bit in my section'? Planning stuff together means organising it so that you don't do the same stuff.

MaisyPops Wed 11-Oct-17 21:07:21

You reply saying 'that's a great idea but I've already got soemthing similar'.

If I'm honest, team teaching isn't split the lesson in half and do half each. It is co-plan the lesson and then co deliver it. Otherwise the lesson itself has limited direction and neither of you are clear on how you're assessing progress.

That's not me having a go at your or being critical of you both, more that I feel this situation could have been prevented with better mentoring and guidance.

McDougal Wed 11-Oct-17 21:23:13

Thanks for your replies.

I had told him (and he’d seen my work) but he was happy to continue ripping my stuff off. If I’d have done that to someone, I’d be mortified but it’s like he doesn’t think anything of it.

I was a bit of a bitch earlier and made sure our mentor had seen my work when she knew he hadn’t done anything yet blush

Maisy, I know team teaching isn’t splitting down the middle but I’m concerned that, if we discuss ideas, he’ll get them in there before I get a chance to. Don’t think I worded my OP very well, sorry!

MaisyPops Wed 11-Oct-17 21:38:37

Then your mentor needs to be involved more as well as the class teachers.

E.g. maybe instead of doing half a lesson each you alternate whole lessons

It shouldn't be running how it is for you. I say that as an experienced mentor.

The problem with placements isn't your fault and uni / school should be sorting it.

McDougal Wed 11-Oct-17 21:51:12

Thanks, Maisy. It’s good to hear from an experienced mentor as school has been a bit disorganised so farconfused

We start teaching straight after half term but haven’t got our timetables yet so won’t really get much of a chance to get to know our classes.

I’d much prefer alternating lessons so I’ll see if that is an option. I just don’t want to be that student going in and moaning about someone!

Thanks again. Mumsnet really is an invaluable support sometimes smile

MaisyPops Wed 11-Oct-17 22:41:38

Not a problem.

In my experience there are a few categories of mentors:
1. Mentors who like it and volunteer to do it/are asked to do it but don't mind
2. Mentors who like it, are asked to do it but arw a bit swamped so are sometimes a little scatterbrained but are great mentors
3. Mentors who try to be mates with trainees
4. Mentors who don't like it, have it added to theit already massive workload and resent doing it
5. Lazy mentors sometimes who see having trainees as a nice excuse to ship some classes off onto them with little thought for getting it right.

Category 1 and 2 mentors are the best to have. Don't be afraid to raise issues. Better raise issues early and give people a chanve to fix it rather that wait (heaven forbid) til there is a massive problem because if there's a massive problem then thr first thing thay will be asked is 'why didn't you raise anythinh?'

flowers You'll be great. You sound organsied and keen to do well.

YogiYoni Thu 12-Oct-17 11:38:24

I think team teaching is relatively normal on first placements, as is having two trainees together. On my first placement (admittedly ten years ago), my teaching partner and I had the same timetable. For the first few weeks we team taught, then we started alternating. We planned together, broke the lessons into segments, then delivered it together.

McDougal Thu 12-Oct-17 16:19:59

I’ve received my timetable today and I’m not team teaching smile

I am so happy about it. I’m sure team teaching isn’t a bad thing at all but my concern was mainly my ‘partner’ as he is known throughout our cohort as being a fan of other people’s work. So much so that he occasionally takes it as his own hmm

Thank you for all of the advice on here. I really appreciate it flowers

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