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Changing jobs mid-year.. for only a year!

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ohthegoats Mon 09-Oct-17 11:46:57

My current job is affecting my mental health. I'm deputy head, SENCo and in class two days a week. These two days a week are the only ones I enjoy.

I'm looking for a 'just teaching' (in so much as they exist) job for January. Problem is that me and my partner are planning to take a 6 - 8 month break for travelling from January 2019.

Feels a bit mean to apply for jobs when I know I'm only going to be there a year. Should I swallow my ethical standards to protect my mental health?

Wait4nothing Mon 09-Oct-17 11:49:23

Could you look for temporary positions - particularly maternity cover? It’s more likely to be just teaching too.

ohthegoats Mon 09-Oct-17 11:56:18

Mat cover from January wouldn't get me over the summer though - I'm wondering about hanging in until Easter and getting one that might get me to Christmas. Assuming they are around.

I've actually just read on another thread about someone handing their notice in on part of their job though, and that's really what I need to do. Somehow just need to be in the classroom for a year... even though school can't afford it.

toomuchicecream Mon 09-Oct-17 17:54:50

Where in the country are you? Round here, the teacher shortage is so acute that we'd jump at the chance of employing a good teacher, even if it was only until the summer - January 2019 would be a bonus!

ohthegoats Tue 10-Oct-17 09:29:58

An hour in to my week and I have decided that my ethical standards can be swerved... I just need to get out!

ohthegoats Sat 21-Oct-17 16:23:17

The end to this story is that I applied for a job, despite it being out of my experience/comfort zone, and got offered it. I used it to get what I really want at my current school.

So, I'm going to be demoted between Christmas and Easter, depending on finding people to fill the SENCO part of my current role. It's expected that existing teachers in the school will take on my other management responsibilities. My class teacher job share is pregnant, so after Easter I'll take on her part of the classroom role as her mat cover. I'll then leave the school completely (as already planned), when she comes back to work (Feb 2019). Fits my family plan timeline almost perfectly.

Might be that I still don't like teaching at that point - if that happens I'll be back looking for alternatives.

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