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Surveying the mountain of presents after yet another great International Teachers' Day

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noblegiraffe Sat 07-Oct-17 15:40:49

Just kidding. But there's a really funny opening couple of paragraphs to this blog

Unfortunately it takes a more depressing turn to the idea that teachers should burn themselves out for the benefit of their pupils and that this is something to be celebrated in a teacher.

"The valorisation of teaching as a form of ritual suicide is subtle but pervasive. Once you realise it, you begin to notice it all around."

It's intended to praise teachers, but actually it gives the feeling that if you are not working all hours you are letting the kids down and can't be doing a good job.

I think it also applies to nurses and the idea that they're angels, and I've also seen it about parents.

Here's to doing a 'good-enough' job this academic year and to carving a space out for ourselves, even in term time. wine

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FourEyesGood Sat 07-Oct-17 16:49:43

Love those memes at the end! (But I can't hold wee in all day - I occasionally send a note down to our office asking one of my colleagues on a PPA to cover for me for 3 minutes. I always return the favour, of course.)

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