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Edexcel German GCSE

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Janek Sun 24-Sep-17 08:43:23

I was just wondering if any more experienced teachers had any advice or insights on teaching the new spec German GCSE. I am a relatively new to the job, so don't have a wealth of experience to draw on and I am the only person teaching German in my school. There is also a French teacher, who has been teaching longer than me, but she is also floundering a little.

We are part of the 'communications' department, so the HoD is not a languages teacher, so there is no one overseeing us in terms of saying 'we should do this this way now'. I am particularly concerned about preparing them for the speaking exam, and the preparation I need to do myself to have a 'spontaneous' conversation with the students.

What are you doing differently now? Can anyone offer any advice?

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leccybill Sun 24-Sep-17 20:45:50

If you are on Facebook, join the Secondary MFL Matters group, it really is a wealth of information.

Acopyofacopy Sun 24-Sep-17 20:45:55

Experienced teachers won't be able to help you much, as the spec have just changed!
Edexcel offer training sessions on the new spec and specimen papers are available.
Do you use a new spec book like Stimmt? I find that Stimmt prepares well for the new style exams.

Are you part of a school consortium? Could you meet up with other languages teachers in your area?

There are Facebook groups for German / MFL teachers which share resources. I have found them really helpful.

Janek Mon 25-Sep-17 16:45:43

Thanks! I can't believe I never thought of a facebook group. Yes we do have Stimmt and I have been following it fairly religiously, I just feel like I am missing something and like I am very much in this on my own!

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ohreallyohreallyoh Mon 25-Sep-17 17:22:48

The Secondary MFL Matters is a great group so join and ask there.

The best advice I would give is look at past papers, get to know them, look at the tricks, look for repeated vocab and ideas. Teach the kids to analyse text rather than just understand it. For writing, I think we are all terrified! Look at the specimen papers and base activities, translations, writing tasks etc. on similar so they get used to the format and start to correct the same old mistakes.

Make sure they understand the questions - given that everything used to be in English, teaching simple question phrases is not something we ever did in my last school so this cohort in particular need to focus on questions because they haven't had it lower down the school (and be teaching it with younger students! )

It is a minefield. I got out and am now doing supply and tutoring. It is a huge relief. Good luck!

Janek Sun 01-Oct-17 11:45:08

Thanks to leccybill for the secondary mfl suggestion - i have finally managed to join and it looks great.

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