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When are the Gcse exams?

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bambambini Fri 22-Sep-17 08:16:49

Can anyone tell me please when they actually start? I thought June but not sure.

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PotteringAlong Fri 22-Sep-17 08:22:31

It's usually the two weeks or so before May half term. That starts this year on may 28th so my guess is around may 14th.

I'm on maternity leave at the moment and not in school though so I've not seen anything precise from exam boards.

bambambini Fri 22-Sep-17 08:39:38

Really? Shit! Thanks though, i assumed they were June and was planning a short holiday end of May. Need to rethink.

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PotteringAlong Fri 22-Sep-17 09:01:33

No, I'm an RE teacher and it's not unusual for my pupils to have done both their exams for me before May half term.

PeaceAndLove1 Fri 22-Sep-17 09:04:05

Does the school have a website, they might have a key date term time info.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 22-Sep-17 09:06:04

Ds did 2 weeks before half term and 2 weeks after. Really wouldn't go away until after they're done and dusted. From Christmas onwards it should be heads down with no distractions ime. <Soooooooo glad it's over!>

Anasnake Fri 22-Sep-17 18:12:20

They start mid May but language orals can be earlier.

noblegiraffe Fri 22-Sep-17 18:14:48

Why would you go on holiday just before exams, assuming you have a Y11 student? They need to be in school and revising! Even in half term schools often offer revision sessions.

xyzandabc Fri 22-Sep-17 18:17:20

As above, mid may through to end of June but practicals will be done earlier so subjects like art, dance, drama, language orals, music performance, science practicals, pe. Coursework will also be submitted before exams.
Honestly, there is never going to be a good time to take a holiday in yr 11.
Could you find out when your DC last exam is and go at the end of June before the summer school holidays?
If you know the boards of your DC subjects, all of them have published exam timetables on their websites.

C0untDucku1a Fri 22-Sep-17 18:21:38

RE have recently been ones of the first at 16th and 18th of may.

Are younplanning on taking a year 11 child of school in year 11? Or you going and leaving child alone to study?

bambambini Sat 23-Sep-17 21:01:37

No, just me going away. Just assumed exams were in June. Have to rethink now - thanks for the input.

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C0untDucku1a Sat 23-Sep-17 21:24:31

If you have a year 11 at home i wouldnt leave then to be self morivated before exams. September is cheap for holidays.

clary Sat 23-Sep-17 21:29:01

Info on exam dates is all on websites. Board tends not to matter - all French GCSEs were on May 16 this year.

But yes, I would save your holiday till end June/start of July.

BringOnTheScience Sat 23-Sep-17 23:52:56

DC1's art exams days were late April. The rest were from mid-May onwards until Additional Maths in late June.

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