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Noise, stress and headaches

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WilECoyote Wed 20-Sep-17 19:12:16

(aka being a teacher and parent)

Get kids ready for school
Incessant nonsense chat and whining on way to school
Get kids to school. Whining usually.
A day of kids, kids, teachers, kids. No time to step away from it all (or wee)
Pick up the kids, who are, once again, whiny and uncooperative, tired from being in school 8-5
Stupid clubs with more kids and the stress of getting changed
Hungry kids, trying to placate with food that's never quite right
Trying to force them to do their homework
Bastard fucking recorder practice
Make them go to bed, whining and moaning
Do all your work ready for tomorrow's onslaught

How to avoid the inevitable daily headache? My ears are ringing with pain by 6pm every day.

Anyone worked out how to make the teaching/parenting combo less noisy?

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leccybill Wed 20-Sep-17 21:23:35

No advice but completely and utterly feel your pain.
My only saving grace is my journey home in complete silence - bliss.
Every so often I leave work at 4ish and go home for a quiet cuppa on my own while DD is an after school club til 5.
Hard isn't it.

WilECoyote Sun 24-Sep-17 15:39:39

Sunday bliss turns to dread...

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