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off school today due to ill DD

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onanotherday Mon 18-Sep-17 09:35:31

..been a teacher for 25 years. Started in an Academy this term..had to take today off as DD not well.I'm a single parent rurally and no RL support. It just seems like the straw that has broken the camels back. DS has PTSD and anxiety. I'm juggling CAMHS for refusing...and trying to commute an hour each way. I feel I'm going down hill with stress. I don't know whether to take time off? Will I get paid? Just walk out? Can't carry on like this anymore.

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KinkyDoritowithsparkleson Thu 21-Sep-17 07:04:54

I'm sure I've read your posts before. This means you are getting past it and you need someone to tell you to stop now. So I am!

Go and get yourself signed off today, then take some time to think about it. Ring in, say you aren't well but don't disclose what with until you've been to the GP and agreed the wording of your note.

Take some time out for you and your daughter before you go under.

You will get some sick pay in an academy. Ring up HR and ask them once you've confirmed your absence. Don't be scared of doing this - they are your terms of employment and you should be given that information. I think the basic rate at ours was about 6 weeks full pay, so if yours is similar then you will have a little breathing space. There should still be a half pay period.

ALSO if you are still struggling when your pay drops, remember you will have a period of statutory sick pay still, added on to your half pay and then beyond. Ring ACAS and find out about statutory sick pay.

ALSO, ring your union because you will need them. Take them to every meeting with you. If there is no rep in school, the local office rep will come. If you aren't in one, join one today.

I have an ASD daughter who had cancer whilst I was trying to teach full time. I then became very ill myself because of the prolonged stress. I have had to learn a lot of this the hard way. Do not let yourself go under, your daughter needs you to be okay.

KinkyDoritowithsparkleson Thu 21-Sep-17 07:06:09

PM me if you need to. Sending love because I am very aware how tough it is.

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