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Practically peripatetic!

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Justafrickingminute Thu 14-Sep-17 17:36:48

I think I have just been served the final straw sad

I work secondary science and it seems my workload is increasing incrementally with every email. Since last year I've already lost a free period; taken on two hours of maths and teach fuller classes up to 34. Our new behaviour system means that I have to supervise every break and after school detention I serve.

Today's happy news is that I have to teach in different classroom across the school and will lose my room.

I do understand timetabling is a dark art - and difficult at the best of times. The moves are to accommodate students with mobility issues, which is fair enough. But as my room is on the ground floor it's in high demand. We have lifts - not a clue why the students can't use them maybe the two lifts we have are not enough?

I've worked so hard to get that room into shape, I've got everything I need and I know exactly where everything is. Now I'll have to get a trolley!

I really worry about my stress levels and what it will take a normally badly organised person to cope with this added layer of chaos. I worry about behaviour - as I'll routinely arrive 5 mins after the kids. I worry about the precious minutes lost as I faff about waiting for the bastard computers to load SIMs, behaviour software and one drive to get my docs etc.
I'm sure this will impact their results sad

I've sent an email to my HOD asking him to maybe negotiate a compromise - I'm already regretting the email. I can't stand the thought of management tutting eye rolling about me

What can I do?

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noblegiraffe Fri 15-Sep-17 17:33:04

How often will you be teaching in this other classroom? Can you look to see if a closer one is available?

It's not uncommon to have to teach in different rooms and not have your own room so SLT will probably expect you to just suck it up.

Does your computer system have a 'switch user' option? I teach in different rooms so in the morning I log onto the other computers, get any important stuff open ready and then switch user so others can log in. It then makes it much quicker to log in when I get there.

Try to bag a shelf in the other classroom for textbooks and basic supplies so that you don't have to carry everything over. And always carry board markers and a board rubber in your bag.

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