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Supply teaching and tax credits

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NannyPlumBum Mon 04-Sep-17 16:24:03

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find an answer online.
I have just started working as a supply teacher. I am a single parent with 2 young children so have been claiming child tax credits whilst doing my pgce. Does anyone know if I am entitled to tax credits still and how they work it out based on the variable hours?
I have tried calling them today but gave up. I am also awaiting clarification on earnings from the supply agency, I assume HMRC will ask for these.

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PinkFluffyFairy Mon 04-Sep-17 17:15:50

Afaik you can get tax credits & working tax credits until you pass a threshold, thinks it's approximately £30k.

PinkFluffyFairy Mon 04-Sep-17 17:16:24

Think not thinks! Ha!

temporarilyjerry Mon 04-Sep-17 18:48:11

I began supply in January and was getting CTC based on my previous salary. I've just had a large payment as my supply earnings are less. I think you have to predict your earnings and then they adjust your payments when it is due to be reviewed.

SomewhatDisgruntled Fri 08-Sep-17 01:13:52

Yes, predict your earnings and ring HMRC or submit the change online if earnings are different to last year. But, try and keep a bit of money back if you are unsure whether your estimate is accurate as they will recalculate when you renew next year and present you with a bill if you've been overpaid.

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