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Multiple ability groups

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putonyourdancingshoes Sun 03-Sep-17 12:14:32

Feeling overwhelmed. I have been back at school for two weeks now and I am finding it really difficult to get to grips with my class. I teach a p3 with a wide range of abilities and my literacy groups are ever growing.
Currently I have 4 reading groups with 2 individuals. One individual who is EAL and doesn't know her initial sounds and top group are reading chapter books. I also have 6 spelling groups. I have no idea how to teach all these children effectively.

They are not very independent so it's proving difficult to set a task while I see to others. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and have any advice? EAL pupil will see support for learning twice a week and I will have TA most mornings.

Thanks in advance!

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Balfe Sun 03-Sep-17 12:33:26

6 spelling groups plus 4 reading groups plus 2 individuals is never going to work. Is that school policy or have you got scope to change?

I would go right back to the start. Think of them as P2s and teach them to work independently before getting going with your groups properly. You could either (depending on school policy) have 3 big groups or do a chilli challenge sort of thing.

If HMI come in they will want to see you with your poorest children and your TA supporting the ones who are furthest on. Coincidentally (this is a bugbear of mine) don't throw phonics out completely. It will benefit a good few of them to do some revision.

Most of them sound like they're first level anyway so have a good look at the benchmarks too.

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