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Physically dreading returning

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junebirthdaygirl Thu 31-Aug-17 23:10:42

If you got on fine with lots of other teachers for 6 years l would bet you are fine. If it was you there would have been trouble before now. Try and keep that in mind as you go back.

wobblywonderwoman Wed 30-Aug-17 23:42:57

Actually I think I would say to her that it is very unprofessional for her to speak to you like that and that you would like to arrange a meeting with the HT about her conduct.

wobblywonderwoman Wed 30-Aug-17 23:40:59

I had a colleague two or three years ago who was very difficult. I asked to not work with that person - I also went to the union and informed the HT

It is really tough. I just would keep as professional as possible and act quite 'cool' with them. Jeep the head down and talk to the children

Also it might be worthwhile jotting in a diary what is happening and inform HT that you aew contacting the union for advice.

LineysRun Wed 30-Aug-17 23:30:53

Ask her if she did anything nice over the summer. Whatever her (non) reply, you can drop in, 'I joined a union.' Do it deadpan. And do it.

Best of luck next week btw.

confusednorthner Wed 30-Aug-17 23:24:18

Thanks, I've never got round to joining a union maybe I should.
I'll look at agency although we are fairly remote so doubt there will be much around.
If I look at it in chunks then maybe it's not so bad, it's just one full day a week that way.
I just hate the bad feeling, I'll go out my way to help anyone and have done for her when she was finding her feet. I've felt in past she uses any excuse to get me out room and she's clever that she behaves differently in front of other people.
I spoke to a friend tonight and she was feeling down too so we've been convincing each other it could be so much worse!

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SuffolkNWhat Wed 30-Aug-17 21:04:02

How much time do you spend with this teacher? It can sometimes help to think of those times as small chunks rather than full on days. It absolutely sucks to work with someone who actively dislikes you (been there, done that) and I hope you can find a way to either work with it or move onto a new post. Best of luck.

Janeismymiddlename Wed 30-Aug-17 18:12:31

Just wanted to acknowledge you. I am sorry you feel so bad - teaching is hard enough without staff having problems amongst themselves.

Are you a member of a union? If you feel your situation hasn't been taken seriously by the Head, a union rep may be able to help. It probably is a personality clash but that doesn't give her the right to speak to you like that (or speak for others which really is bullying). Do you have to work with her from day one?

My other thought is have you looked at the teaching agency vacancies near you? They deal with TA vacancies as well as being for supply teachers. There isn't much about at the moment but it might be worth registering and seeing what comes up? You may feel better if you feel you are taking control of the situation and making moves to remove yourself from the situation?

I hope Monday is OK. Feel free to rant here if you need to - I am listening and am sure plenty of others are too.

confusednorthner Wed 30-Aug-17 14:27:28

I'm a ta who works across ks1 and ks2 with several teachers for last 6 years and always loved my job. 18mths ago we had a new teacher join us and it's fair to say we haven't hit it off.
Between easter and end of term it became unbearable and she was really vile telling me she found it hard to work with me that I was rude and the others felt the same. I was ready to hand my notice in but other colleagues who didn't know all that had been said told me to stay put and it wasn't true. Head is useless and put it down to clash of personalities and just told me to keep it out of sight of other people.
I'm sat in bathroom in tears at thought of going in Monday and if I could afford it I wouldn't be going in.

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