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Part timers and insets

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chamenanged30 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:40:16

My new contract is 0.8 as 4 whole days and two mornings. When insets fall on my half days, am I expected to complete a whole day? I can't find anything specific on my contract.

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castasp Sun 27-Aug-17 19:41:10

Unless my line manager tells me otherwise (and they haven't - yet), I'm just doing the hours of the INSET day that I work. I'm happy to work a longer day if they need me to, but they need to tell me in advance, because I need to sort out childcare (I don't have childcare for the afternoons, because I normally pick them up myself).

OneOfTheGrundys Sun 27-Aug-17 20:56:05

I think you have to attend inset relative to the hours of your contract. So if you're on a .8 then you have to attend .8 of the inset required?

So I guess if that falls on your day off you have to go in?

That's not necessarily right though. I'm sure someone better qualified will give you a better answer soon!!

Stillwaitingforsummer Sun 27-Aug-17 21:31:56

My contract is 0.6 so I do 3/5 inset days. Weekly inset sessions are deliberately always on days when all the part time staff are in. They are part of our directed hours so for me that's 3/5 of 1265 hours over the year. If there were extra inset sessions on, I should be paid for attending them.

castasp Sun 27-Aug-17 21:50:24

You don't have to go in on your day off, unless that is specified within your contract.

In fact, if you work in an LEA school, then there is a specific statement in the STCPD which states that a part-timer cannot be asked to work on a day that they don't normally work.

In an academy school, or independent school, then they would have to specify it in the contract eg. some independent schools specifically state that a teacher will be required to work Saturday mornings (not a normal working day) or do evening duty (not a normal time for working).

It never ceases to amaze me how this idea that you have to do "0.6 of INSET if you are 0.6" gets trotted out! It's not really the fault of teachers, because a lot of Heads seem to believe this, and they pass this myth on.

If all the INSET days were on a day you don't work, then you'd end up doing 3 extra unpaid days! It also goes the other way, if INSET days all land on a day you normally work, then you should go in for all of them, otherwise you're getting paid for 2 days that you haven't worked.

I stress though, that if they specifically state in the contract "you must do 0.6 of all INSET days, even if they land on your day off", and you signed it, then at the point of signing, you have agreed to it.

Another word of caution: it may be easier and safer for your career to find out your Head's view and just go along with it, and look for work elsewhere if you don't like it. Some heads can be very vindictive if you try to question their authority, and you will need a reference from them when you move to your next school.

chamenanged30 Mon 28-Aug-17 06:26:11

They'll always be on my time off as I'm in every day. Two days however I finish at 12. So the bare minimum id be there for is half the inset. I believe I work my normal hours

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PolkaDotFlamingo Mon 28-Aug-17 06:40:36

I just do my normal days and if I'm needed for an inset on my day off then I get paid an extra day for if.

YokoReturns Mon 28-Aug-17 06:42:53

OP in that case, work til 12 on your INSEt days. SLT have sent round a form for us (part timers) to fill out stating how we complete our portion of INSET.

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